About Us

Cotton Cashmere and Wool is a blog that covers different types of wool, mainly focusing on merino wool. The blog’s experts provide highly accurate comparisons, how-tos, and guides related to Merino Wool.

It’s no secret, we proudly fly the flag for Merino. We discovered Merino wool a number of years ago when we were researching what to wear in Iceland during the winter when the weather is particularly harsh. We came across Merino wool and learned about its exceptional qualities such as temperature regulation, odor resistance, softness, and elasticity.

We purchased a number of Merino wool items for our trip and were genuinely amazed at how great the material felt when worn and how fresh our clothing kept even after long hikes.

We also love the fact that Merino wool is an all-natural fiber and is 100% renewable. It is truly nature’s wonder fiber and we wanted to create and share Merino products with the world. It’s naturally elastic, lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, and has antibacterial properties. Merino wool’s exceptional properties make it ideal for everyday wear, all year round. 

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