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Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie Review

Don't settle for synthetic materials - try the natural goodness of merino wool today!

The Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie is a stylish and comfortable hoodie made from high-quality materials that provide warmth and comfort in cooler weather. It is a perfect addition to any wardrobe because of its natural hue and straightforward design, which make it wearable with a range of outfits. 

If you are going for a walk on a cool day, resting at home, or doing tasks, this hoodie is ideal for casual wear. It is simple yet stylish design makes it a great option for those who value both comfort and fashion. With its high-quality materials and versatile style, the Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie is definitely worth considering for your next addition to your wardrobe.

The Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie has been gaining popularity recently. Whether you are looking for a cozy layer to wear on a brisk walk or a stylish addition to your casual wardrobe, this hoodie is definitely worth considering. In this review, l will look closer at its appearance, fit, durability, functionality, and value for money. 

Fabric detail:

  • Soft and stretchy Merino Wool and TENCEL Terry knit
  • 56% Merino Wool, 38% TENCEL Lyocell, 6% Spandex

What are the Benefits of Merino?

  • Softness:

Merino wool is incredibly soft and gentle on the skin almost premium ultra-fine 18.5-micron fibers, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods.

  • Moisture Wicking:

Merino wool is moisture wicking, meaning it can absorb sweat and keep you dry, even during high-intensity activities, and keep your skin to prevent clamminess.

  • Odor-Resistant:

Merino wool is naturally antimicrobial, which means it can resist the growth of odor-causing bacteria, keeping you smelling fresh for longer.

  • Sun Protection:
Sun Protection
Sun Protection

It also protects from UV rays and have UPF 50+ certified.

  • Durability:

An excellent investment for your wardrobe, merino wool is a sturdy, resilient material that can survive use and tear.

Discover the amazing benefits of Merino wool – from keeping you warm and cozy, to improving your health and wellbeing. Take a closer look now!

What are the top Features of The Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie?

Here I tell you about the top features of the Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie in detail, which I observed when I used the Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie:

Fit and Comfort:

Fit and Comfort
Fit and Comfort

The fit and comfort of the Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie is a standout feature of this product. The relaxed fit and drop-shoulder design provide a comfortable and effortless look. The hoodie is also made from high-quality materials that are soft to the touch, making it extremely comfortable to wear.

In terms of sizing, the hoodie is true to size and fits well on most body types. However, it is worth noting that the relaxed fit may feel slightly oversized for those who prefer a more fitted look.

Before making a purchase, it is advised to review the sizing chart offered by the manufacturer if you have questions regarding sizing. It also features a drawstring hood and hem for added warmth and convenience.

Material and Sustainability:

The material of the hoodie is a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, which makes it durable and resistant to shrinking. It is also breathable, which prevents overheating and keeps you comfortable throughout the day. The material feels soft and comfortable against the skin, making it perfect for all-day wear. 

The combination of organic cotton and recycled polyester offers several benefits. Firstly, organic cotton is grown without harmful pesticides and chemicals, making it safer for the environment and the people who grow it. Secondly, recycled polyester reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions by reusing plastic bottles and diverting them from landfills.

One of the unique features of the Ridge women’s natural pullover hoodie is that it is made with sustainability in mind. Ridge also employs ethical manufacturing practices. They partner with factories that follow strict labor standards, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions for workers.

Styling and Versatility:

Styling and Versatility
Styling and Versatility

The Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie is versatile and easy to style, thanks to its simple and unique design. You can dress it up with a skirt and boots or keep it casual by pairing it with jeans. The natural color also pairs well with different hues, making it a great layering piece for different seasons.

Design and Support:

The Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie comes in a natural color, which pairs well with various outfits. It has features of the ribbed cuffs. The hoodie is available in sizes XS to XL, catering to different body types.

The Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie has a clean and minimalistic appearance, with a simple design that focuses on comfort and functionality. The hoodie is available in a natural, beige shade that complements many different skin tones and is simple to match with various outfits. The look is adaptable and can be worn with jeans or stockings, making it ideal for a laid-back day at home or on the market.

In terms of comfort, the Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie does not disappoint. The organic cotton and recycled polyester blend feel soft and breathable, making it ideal for wearing all day long. The double-layered hood adds an extra layer of warmth, while the kangaroo pocket provides a cozy spot for your hands.

Overall, the aesthetic of the Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie is simple, comfortable, and versatile. For people who appreciate both elegance and usefulness in their apparel, it is a fantastic choice.

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What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of the Ridge Natural Pullover Hoodie for Women?

The Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie’s possible benefits and drawbacks are listed below:


  1. Ribbed Cuffs and Hem:
Ribbed Cuffs and Hem
Ribbed Cuffs and Hem

The hoodie has ribbed cuffs and hem that help to keep the hoodie in place and provide a snug fit, which can help to keep you warm and comfortable.

  1. Ethical Production:

The hoodie is produced ethically, which means that workers are treated fairly, and the production process is environmentally sustainable.

  1. Gender-Inclusive Sizing:

The hoodie comes in gender-inclusive sizing, which means that it can be worn by people of different genders and body types.

  1. Sustainable Material:

100% organic cotton was used to make the hoodie, which is a sustainable and natural material with less of an adverse effect on the environment than synthetic ones.

  1. Comfortable Fit:
Comfortable Fit
Comfortable Fit

The hoodie has a relaxed fit that is designed for comfort and ease of movement, making it a great option for casual wear or lounging at home.

  1. Natural Color:

The hoodie comes in a natural color that is versatile and easy to pair with different outfits.


  1. Price: 

The Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie may be priced higher than other hoodies made from synthetic materials or non-organic cotton.

  1. Limited color options:

The hoodie is only available in a natural color, which may not be suitable for everyone’s style or preferences.

  1. Sizing:

While the hoodie comes in gender-inclusive sizing, some customers may find that the sizing is not suitable for their body type or shape.

  1. Durability:

While organic cotton is generally known to be durable, the specific durability of the hoodie may depend on factors such as the quality of the stitching and the care instructions followed during washing and drying.

Overall, people who prioritize comfort and sustainability in their apparel may find the Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie to be a decent choice. Customers should still think about their own tastes and demands before making a purchase.

Care Instructions: 

The hoodie can be machine cleaned, making it simple to maintain, and it should be washed with items of the same shade. It is advised to hang dry or tumble dry on low heat.

Stop damaging your Merino wool clothes with regular washing methods. Follow the approved way for longer-lasting softness and durability.

Final Thought:

The Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie is a great choice for those who value comfort and style. Its strengths include a relaxed fit and drop-shoulder design that provides:

  • A comfortable and effortless look.
  • Durable and breathable cotton-polyester material.
  • A versatile beige color that can be easily paired with different outfits.

Its weaknesses include the fact that the relaxed fit may not suit everyone’s preferences, and the sizing chart may need to be consulted before purchasing.

Overall, I recommend the Ridge Women’s Natural Pullover Hoodie for anyone who wants a comfortable and stylish addition to their wardrobe. It is perfect for casual wear, whether you are running errands, lounging at home, or going for a walk on a chilly day.

Those who prioritize both comfort and fashion will appreciate the soft material, practical kangaroo pocket, and the natural, beige color. It is a fantastic pick for someone who appreciates both fashion and utility because its advantages exceed its disadvantages.

James Parker is a 30-year-old creative writer who enjoys cookery, swimming and shopping. He is obsessed with bottled water and wool clothing.

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