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Honest Unbound Merino Review 2023

An unbiased review of Unbound Merino.

Unbound Merino is a clothing business established in Canada that sells clothes for both men and women that are predominantly made of Merino wool. Unbound Merino sells garments for both males and females made of Merino wool. We’re talking about pieces that will stand the test of time and be adjustable to any environment with this brand.

We’re talking about pieces that will not only stand the test of time but will also be adjustable to any environment. The company is mostly oriented towards guys, and it sells from shirts to boxer shorts. For the time being, they are just offering basic black V-necks for ladies.

A glance at the distinct reasons for the development of Unbound Merino clothing, as well as their most popular goods, will be provided so that you can make an educated decision about whether or not Merino clothing is suited for you in the accompanying Unbound Merino clothing review.

What Is It About Merino Wool That Makes It So Unique?

In Australia and New Zealand, merino wool is a natural fiber derived from the fleece of Merino sheep, which is a kind of animal. Merino wool is recognized as smoother and thinner than conventional wool, making it more comfortable to wear near the skin.

It also means that you won’t get that scratchy, itchy feeling from wearing merino wool, which you may get from wearing less quality wool or synthetic fibers.

Because of the intrinsic nature of merino wool, it is possible to re-wear it numerous times, reducing the amount of clothing you need to bring. If you combine this with wise wardrobe selections and the use of packing cubes to save even more space, you’ll have plenty of spare space in your carry-on bag.

While cotton and poly mix quickly absorb sweat and stink, Merino wool may be worn numerous times before needing to be cleaned, making it a perfect choice for travel and outdoor activities.

Using this method, you will save money on laundry excursions while also making your suitcase a little lighter at the same time. It is possible to go for several weeks in the same merino wool apparel without washing it.

What is the Composition of Unbound Merino Apparel?

Composition of Unbound Merino Apparel
Composition of Unbound Merino Apparel

Clothing made with Unbound Merino wool is 100 percent natural. Australia-based independent wool farms provide Unbound Merino with ethically and responsibly wool.

The Merino wool used in the brand’s garments is sheared from Merino sheep in a humane manner, which means that no animals are injured in the process.

Only the Merino Wool Cluster Neck or V-Neck T-Shirts and the Merino Wool Long Sleeve Crew are created from 100 percent ultra-fine 17.5 mm Merino wool, and they are the only products in their collection.

What do I like About Unbound Merino Clothing?

What do I like About Unbound Merino Clothing

I adore merino. This natural substance keeps sheep warm in -10°C temperatures and cool in +30°C conditions. It also serves as clothes to regulate body temperature. Merino wool is also anti-microbial, anti-wrinkle, and a superb UV protection. This makes it an excellent apparel option. I’ll expand on these qualities later.

The simplicity of Unbound Merino’s clothes appeals to me. Their outfits are simple, with subdued colors and no symbol. They’ve developed something classic that will last and look excellent for years to come.

The items’ quality amazed me right away. They are sleek and classy, comfortable and light, flattering style, and sturdy material.


When I travel, the quality of my clothes is determined by their ability to be worn in various situations. An adaptable top can be worn in a variety of social situations as well as in different physical locations.

When I say “social setting,” I mean that it goes well with the other outfits in my backpack wardrobe and that it looks excellent whether I’m wearing it out to supper or on the beach, hiking, or just wandering around town.

The phrase “physical settings” refers to wearing it during the hot Thai summers or while walking to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal.

Because of the straightforward design devoid of logos or patterns yet has subdued colors and a relaxed fit, I’ve layered it beneath coats and sweatshirts and paired it with hiking trousers, jeans, chinos, and shorts.

In addition to dining, I’ve worn it while cycling and SUP’ing as well as to visit a city. I was often taken aback by how it looked and how well it fit my needs.

Unbound Merino shirts are a fantastic choice for a broad range of physical settings due to their construction’s temperature-regulating characteristics of merino wool.


Unbound Merino makes no effort to compete with quick fashion in terms of price or quality. The contrary is true; they slow things down by making timeless apparel that I’m confident I’ll still be enjoying in five years. I love what they do. Its garments are straightforward; there are no logos or designs, simply a straightforward style that looks fantastic in every setting.

Clothing from this brand is available in various subdued colors, including black, heather gray, black, heather red, navy blue, natural white, and light forest green, among others. As is often the case, adaptability and simplicity are the watchwords, and these tops may be matched with various outfits.


Minimalists place a premium on quality above quantity. They are looking for items that are made to last. There’s an ancient proverb that says, “buy cheap, buy twice.” This is true.

Unbound Merino may have a higher price tag, but from the feel of the items, it is evident that you are purchasing something of superior quality that will last a long time.

The stitching is clean, the stretchy material, and the color does not fade even after several piles of washing. Combining this with merino wool’s anti-wrinkle and anti-microbial characteristics, my shirts retain their fresh appearance and scent after being worn several times.

Unbound Merino provides instructions on how to care for your merino wool; if you follow their instructions, your merino wool will be resilient and should last for a long time.


The sizing chart on the website captures a range of dimensions, allowing me to choose which size would be the most comfortable for me. In addition to being stylish and comfortable, the natural flexibility of merino wool enables it to stretch to match your body shape perfectly.

Is Merino Only Suitable for Winter Weather?

Is Merino Only Suitable for Winter Weather

When it comes to cold weather, merino wool indeed keeps you warm and snug, and it’s especially beneficial in cold weather since it wicks sweat away from the skin when you strain yourself, keeping water moisture away from the skin when it’s chilly.

As the temperature rises, merino fibers continue to drain away moisture, leaving you feeling cool and comfortable rather than soggy and unpleasant.

What is the Best Way to Care For Your Merino Wool Clothing?

Taking care of your merino wool clothing does not need a significant amount of additional effort. Turn your merino wool clothing inside out and wash them in warm or cold water with your normal detergent to keep them looking their best.

Because merino wool shrinks when dried in the dryer, it is best to hang it to dry if you do decide to wash a heavy merino wool jacket while traveling; keep in mind that it will take a long time to completely dry.

Unbound Merino Wool Pros:

  • Unbound Merino’s gear is created with a high percentage of merino wool, resulting in pieces that are both high-quality and long-lasting in terms of durability.
  • Clothing that is comfortable and cozy while yet being breathable.
  • It retains its cleanliness and freshness for a longer period than the ordinary garment.
  • The fabric is wrinkle-resistant.
  • Bundles and packs are available for those who want to save money on various things.

Unbound Merino Wool Cons:

  • Unbound Merino is unquestionably costly–the Compact Travel Hoodie, which retails for $165, is the company’s most expensive single item. In contrast, their most costly bundle, the Ultimate Unbound Kit, retails for $629 and features 11 of the company’s iconic goods.
  • Unbound Merino’s women’s collection now consists of only one or two packs of their Black Merino V-Neck T-shirts, available in either one or two colors.
  • The range of sizes is restricted, with XL being the largest size for ladies and Small being the smallest size for males, respectively.
  • There is no free delivery no matter how much money you spend.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I purchase unbound merino?

During this Unbound Merino review, it should be mentioned that the company does not have any retail stores. Unbound Merino products are exclusively available for purchase on their website,, or through their Indiegogo In-Demand project.

Is unbound merino a good choice?

I’m quite pleased with our Unbound Merino experience overall. Clothing made of merino wool is soft, warm, and attractive. It was a piece of cake to get the creases out. After softly misting my face with a spray bottle, all wrinkles disappeared in less than ten minutes.

Is the price of merino wool justified?

Merino is, without a question, a pricey fiber, but it is well worth the investment for people who appreciate comfort and performance.

Wrapping it Up:

Unbound Merino is an excellent choice for anybody searching for a wool shirt that is adaptable, comfortable, and long-lasting. In contrast to several other wool shirts I’ve tried in the past, this one is comfortable and does not itch like some others. Moreover, it does not appear to retain odors and other fabrics, which is beneficial if you are busy like me and do not always have time to wash your clothes.

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  1. I ordered the Unbound Merino hoodie earlier this week and have regretted my order (with extra payment for expedited shipping) since then. What I’ve learned about Unbound Merino since I placed my order: (1) No delivery dates provided, even after five days after order was made. (2) Bare bones customer service – no one to call, only email and text in which either the staff person or bot can only tell me the same information that I can find on my own. Compared to other companies I received travel clothes from (Bluffworks, Bonobos, Twillory), Unbound Merino customer service is a high disappointment in comparison.

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