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Percale Vs. Sateen Sheet: Which is more Beneficial?

Find out which option is best for your sleeping preference and budget.

It can be difficult enough to pick the ideal bedding sheets, but adding technical terminologies such as percale and Sateen can make it much more challenging to decide which pair is suitable for you in your desirable bedding.

In this blog post, we thoroughly compare all specie related to both sheets, Percale and Sateen, which shows a big difference between them. We will adequately analyze their likes and dislikes, makes more accessible for you to pick the best one. So, stay on it, and please keep reading.

Sateen Sheet:

Sateen Sheet
Sateen Sheet

Sateen fabric sheets are bed sheets made from cotton fabric with a unique weave pattern. Sateen weave has a lustrous, smooth finish on one side and a matte finish on the other, which makes it ideal for creating a silky, luxurious feel.

Sateen sheets are known for their softness and durability, and they are often preferred by people who want a more luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience. They are also highly breathable, which helps to regulate body temperature and prevent sweating during sleep.

One yarn beneath and three or four strings on the top threading give sateen fabric its unique appearance and feel. The cloth drapes are lovely, and the design seems to have a light shine. Sateen sheets don’t need to be ironed because they are naturally wrinkle-resistant.

The finished sheets are slightly heavier than percale, thanks to this weave, which can give them a plush, opulent appearance. They might, however, also be more prone to trapping heat.

This additional warmth may be welcome for those who frequently become cold when sleeping, but it may not be the best option for those who sleep in the heat. The fabric is initially relatively smooth and soft; pills or snags may appear as the sheets wear down.

Sateen sheets require extra care when washing, as they are prone to wrinkling and can shrink if exposed to high heat. It’s best to wash them in cool water and tumble dry on low heat or air dry, if possible, to ensure they maintain their softness and luster over time.

We previously discussed effective ways to clean sateen cotton sheets. There is a recommended method for washing Egyptian cotton sheets without compromising their appearance.


  • Generally, they are heavier than percale sheets as It can make them feel warmer and cozier in cold weather. 
  • Delicate-soft texture, everyone feels more comfortable.
  • It makes them Drape well and looks shiny if you prefer more polished to your bedding.          
  • Its shades look well and come in various colors and patterns, allowing you to customize your bedding to match your style and decor.


  • Mostly, Shine is about to fade
  • Obstacles or hilling may develop.
  • Sometimes, it may have energy-absorbing behavior.
  • Mostly, it makes several clusters due to the elusive finish.

Percale Sheet:

Percale fabric sheets are another bed sheet made from cotton fabric with a distinct weave pattern. Percale is a plain-woven fabric, meaning the threads are woven over and under each other in a simple crisscross pattern.

Its only weaving gives percale sheets their enduring crisp, silky texture. The thread count on most percale sheets is at least 200, indicating a tight weave. Percale is still very breathable; however, it’s frequently seen as ideal bedding for those who prefer to sleep overheated.

Percale is a weave rather than a material, even though their materials frequently identify those sheet variations. This means that various fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, rayon, and lyocell, may be used to make percale sheets. Each has effects on the performance of its own.

Percale sheets typically start soft and get softer after subsequent washings. Several people liken its matte, smooth surface to a pressed button-down shirt. The finest percale sheets are frequently long-lasting and straightforward to maintain. Nonetheless, many sleepers encourage percale to improve their crispness because they are prone to curling in the wash.

Percale sheets are also highly durable and have a longer lifespan than other sheets. Like sateen sheets, percale sheets require extra care when washing to maintain quality. It’s best to wash them in cool water and tumble dry on low heat or air dry if possible.


  • Feels lightweight and crisp, which can help people to stay comfortable all night.
  • Simple to care for, it can easily be machine washed.
  • Looks smooth and versatile; everyone can easily set matches according to their style.
  • Breathable, which allows air through the fabric
  • Durable, which makes them stronger and last forever.


  • It gets wrinkles more efficiently and requires the press to keep a neat look.
  • It can be Stiff and rough to touch, especially when they are new.
  • It is costly, however, not fit to everyone’s budget

Difference Comparison between Percale Vs. Sateen Sheet:

DurableSateen cloth is typically not very durable. Their useful life may be constrained by pilling and snagging, and the sheen may tarnish with time.Percale sheets become softer after washing. Thus, they could become softer over time. It contributes to their extraordinary resilience.
ComfortabilitySleepers with sensitive skin like sateen sheets because of their velvety texture.The feel of percale sheets is often smooth, light, and similar to that of an ironed button-up shirt.
Cost EffectiveSateen sheets are available in various varieties of materials and quality levels, and their price reflects this. Costs range from less than $50 to more than $500.Percale sheet costs vary according to the materials and quality of the product. They range in price from less than $50 to over $500, much like sateen sheets.
TemperatureSateen sheets are more Energy absorbing than some other alternatives. Sleepers could find this to be warm in the cold. The majority of people prefer to use sateen sheets all year round. However, hot sleepers may be uncomfortable with them.Percale sheets are suitable for all seasons since they effectively regulate temperatures. They can provide warmth on a cold night and are breathable enough to gratify hot sleepers.
Cleaning purposeMost sateen sheets can be washed in the washing machine regularly with mild soap. On a device, they can also be dried using a machine’s no-heat, air-dry cycle, no-heat, and air-dry cycle.Typically, percale sheets can be machine cleaned and dried. Owners may choose to iron them for optimal crispness, but they are prone to wrinkling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the better choice, percale or sateen sheets?

If you look to sleep hot, live in a warm climate, or prefer more great sheets, percale sheets may be a better option as they are commonly known for their breathability and relaxed feel. On the other hand, if you sleep cold or live in a cooler climate, sateen sheets may be a good choice as they can offer more warmth and insulation.

Are sateen sheets suitable for hot sleepers?

Sateen sheets may not be the best choice for hot sleepers as they look less breathable than other types, such as percale. Sateen sheets are made using a satin weave, which creates a dense and smooth surface that can trap body heat and cause the sheets to feel warmer. Moreover, it can also regulate temperatures well. Therefore, percale sheets are suitable for all seasons

Are sateen sheets warmer than other sheets?

Sateen sheets can be warmer than percale sheets because they are woven using a satin weave, which creates a denser and smoother surface that may not be as breathable as a percale weave. It’s essential to consider other factors, such as the material and thread count, which can also affect the sheet’s temperature.

Why do percale sheets get softer?

Percale sheets can get softer with easy use and per wash. The softness of percale sheets can rely on subsequent factors, such as the cotton quality, the thread count, and the finishing processes used. Higher-quality fabrics, such as Egyptian cotton or Supima cotton, are softer and more durable than lower-quality fabric.

In contrast, higher thread count can also make percale sheets feel softer and smoother to the touch. Moreover, specific finishing processes, such as mercerization or brushing, can make percale sheets more peaceful and luxurious.

Why does sateen get folded?

Like others, Sateen sheets are folded to keep them organized and avoid wrinkles and creases. Folding sheets neatly and storing them properly can help to preserve their appearance and extend their lifespan.

Folding sheets help save storage space, such as in a linen closet or dresser drawer. When sheets are folded neatly, they can be stacked easily and take up less space than when they are left in a crumpled pile.

Is percale softer than cotton?

It is not inherently softer than cotton. The softness of percale sheets depends on the cotton quality, the thread count, and the finishing processes applied. Similarly, the softness of cotton sheets can also rely on the type of cotton, thread count, and finishing processes. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the quality of the materials and the finishing processes when comparing the softness of percale and cotton.

Winding up:

We may end up like Sateen, or percale sheets may offer advantages that attract campers and disadvantages that may turn them away. Sateen is silky, heavy, and wrinkle-resistant, but percale is lightweight, crisp, and long-lasting.

The primary drawbacks of percale may include its inclination to wrinkle and generate noise when the wearer moves. At the same time, the primary disadvantages of sateen may be its additional warmth and propensity to pill.

If you don’t like pressing, the best way to select is to choose the Sateen sheet; however, if you want durability and softness, go for another.

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