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Can you Dye Cashmere?

Find out what kind of dyes to use to get successful dyeing results.

Cashmere is one of the splendid and soft fabrics that are perfect for winter and dyed easily. If you have some old cashmere items and want to make them new, you can dye them to look expensive and branded. If you are a creative person or want some experiments on your cashmere sweaters like dye with your own desire colors, then you can easily do it by following my super easy tips and techniques. 

By doing little experiments, you can make brand-new cashmere. In this article, I will help you and guide you to make perfect dye cashmere items or garments. So let’s go and check it out.

How to Prepare your Cashmere Garments for Dyeing Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Wash your cashmere sweater or any item with detergents properly:

It is an essential step to make your cashmere item prepared for dye. If your item does not clean properly or has any stains, your paint can’t spread appropriately on your cashmere item.

For washing your items, it is necessary to follow your manufacturer’s instructions. In this way, your item cleans appropriately and does not damage. To keep your item shiny, remove the stain on your cloth, then use any mild shampoo for cleaning.  

  1. Choose your favorite color for dyeing your cashmere item:

Before choosing any color, check the cashmere color you want to dye because light colors items are dyed more quickly than darker items like green and blue. That thing affects the final color of your cashmere item.If you want the final color of your cashmere item light, then first use ant commercial color remover, then dye your item.

If you desire dark colors for your cashmere item, sometimes you use two colors. For instance, if you have a blue cashmere sweater and you want to change it to a brown cashmere sweater, then you need to dye it two times, first from red color and then yellow color.

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  1. Buy your fabric dye from your general store, or make it naturally:

You can buy fabric dye online and also purchase it from your near general store. Remember one thing that the dye should be of good quality. If you want to use natural dye for your cashmere items, you can make it home easily from beetroot, coffee, or Spanish.

  1. Use any plastic or rubber gloves:

Before you dye anything, you must wear rubber gloves, plastic gloves, or any old cloth to protect your hand from stains. Sometimes these colors are reacted to the skin and cause irritation. So it is better to use gloves to protect yourself.

  1. Test your dye before apply on your cashmere item:

It is also an essential part to check your dye. For this purpose, you can use any old cashmere cloth to check its result. If you do not have any cashmere cloth, then you can cut the piece of cashmere item from the inner and dye it. You can put the simple in the dye for about 30 minutes or according to color timing. To check the results first, dry it thoroughly.

  1. Protect your area from staining:

The dye can spread quickly and retain its stain that does not look good, so it is better to protect your area by placing any old cloth or towel under and around the tub or container. 

  1. Prepare the dye by adding it to your tub or container:

Choose a container or tub that is fit for your cashmere item. Read the instruction carefully for the dye’s container. This depends upon the weight of your cashmere item and the density and volume of your chosen tub or container. Usually, for the 1 pound of cashmere item weight, use 2 tablespoons of dye for every 3 gallons of water, but this quantity is double if you desire dark color.

For solution, you can add dye in warm or cold water. Wait to dissolve properly. Then add your item. Some cashmere items are sensitive to warm water; for them, cold water is best, but some are not sensitive, so read the instructions carefully first.

How to Dye your Cashmere Garments Step-by-Step Guide:

Dye your Cashmere Garments Step-by-Step Guide
Dye your Cashmere Garments Step-by-Step Guide

If you have a cashmere garment and a color of that garment you do not like, and you want a bright, elegant cashmere item, then follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Put your cashmere garment in the tub:

Your cashmere outfit should be completely dipped in the dye water as no outfit part is out of the water, but also the item moves freely in the tub or container. Stir in the tub for 30 minutes with a long spoon:

Stir your cashmere item while it soaks in the dye bath for a minimum of 30 minutes. The gentle string allows the water to infuse entirely into the cashmere sweater evenly. It is essential to keep stringing with a long-handed spoon as water redistributes evenly in the item. Remember while stringing that the item does not twist or wring; otherwise, you lose your cashmere, and the dye does not look good.

  1. Check out the color after 30 minutes:

Gently remove the cashmere from the tub with the help of a long-handled spoon and check its color. If your desired color does not come, then again put it in the water for at least 5 minutes, then again check your desired color until you want the perfect cashmere dye of your own desire.

Remember, cashmere that hasn’t dried looks darker when it’s wet. So keep this point in mind while dying.

  1. Rinse cashmere in cold water:

It’s time to wash the cashmere once you’ve achieved your desired color. The tub’s water is changed often until it is crystal clear. If you wash it in a sink, be sure the water is crystal clean. If you dye your cashmere with warm or lukewarm water, you must rinse it with the same temperature water. Your cashmere has the highest likelihood of shrinking if you don’t do this.

  1. Dried your cashmere or squeeze the water from it:

Be careful in squeezing out the water from your dyed cashmere item and do not twist or wring it. You can use any clean towel to remove excess water by rolling the cashmere and towel together, just like a swift roll. Gently press to the remove the water.

  1. Dry your cashmere item on a flat and clean surface:

You can put the damp cashmere item on a flat, moisture-resistant surface to completely dry your cashmere item. Do not put the cashmere in direct sunlight or heat. You can dry it at room temperature.

  1. Shape the cashmere back into its original size:

Do not stretch your cashmere item. Gently coax the thing to return to its original shape. If the cashmere item has a belt, then place the belt away from each side, and for a removable strap, dry the belt separately.

  1. Clean your container or tub from bleach:

You can use bleach or removal spray to remove dye products from the tub or container to look clean. That thing will ensure you that you do not dye accidentally in the same dye tub and you ruin your item completely the next time.

  1. Dry your cashmere garments or items for 24 hours:

You can completely dry your cashmere item and then store it in your safe place by gently folding it.

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How to Dye Cashmere Sweater:

Dye Cashmere Sweater
Dye Cashmere Sweater

For dying your cashmere sweater, you follow this step-by-step guide:

  • First, wash your sweater to remove all stains as per as manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Now lay it flat to dry but not completely dry it.
  • Mix your desired dye color in the tub as per the instructions on the package.
  • Now put your sweater on this tub. 
  • If you want some patterns, you can also do it by applying rubber bands and placing your sweater in the dye tub.
  • Leave your sweater for about 10 – 30 minutes, depending on your desired color.
  • Use a long spoon to stir appropriately, so the dye is evenly distributed.
  • After the 30 minutes, wash your sweater until the water comes out clean.
  • Now, dry your sweater not in direct sunlight but at room temperature.
  • After completely drying for about 24 hours, you can place it on your safe side.

Tips you must Follow:

  1. Wash your cashmere sweater or any item with detergents to remove all stains properly.
  2. To maintain the shine of cashmere items, you can use any mild shampoo for its cleaning.
  3. Before you dye anything, you must wear rubber gloves and plastic gloves.
  4. Test your dye color on the same kind of item you want to dye.  
  5. Your cashmere sweater should be totally submerged in the dye solution so that no portion of the garment is exposed to air, and the whole thing may move around freely in the tub or container.
  6. If you dye your cashmere with warm or lukewarm water, you must rinse it with the same temperature water; otherwise, your cashmere outfit will shrink. 
  7. Do not twist or wring it while squeezing the water from your dyed cashmere item.
  8. Do not put the cashmere in direct sunlight or heat. You can dry it at room temperature.
  9. If you have powdered dye, it is best to dissolve the dye in 2 cups of warm water to make no clumps and make a proper solution.
  10. The wet cashmere looks darker than it’s dried. So check your color accordingly.
  11. Wash the cashmere-dyed clothing separately for the first three washes to prevent the color from rubbing out. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of commercial dyes is best for dying items?

You can use commercial dye brands like RIT, FYLON, and Procion MX dyes to dye your cashmere items. But remember first to read the instruction and then use them.

If I have a stain on a cashmere item that does not clean, can dyeing cover it?

Yes, of course, it can. But you carefully choose the dye that is darker than your stain color.

How to dye cashmere with coffee?

Suppose you want natural dye for your cashmere, then you can use coffee. Make a large enough pot of coffee to cover your entire outfit. Let the ground cool down for a while, then add them to the mixing bowl. Also, add 1 tablespoon of water per cup of ground mix. Now places the garment on a plain surface and rub the coffee mixture paste on the fabric.

What is the most suitable dye for cashmere items?

As you know, cashmere is made from protein fibers, and that fibers easily damage to high ph levels. So, to keep your garments safe, the acid dye should be the no. 1 choice for cashmere items.


Cashmere can be dyed easily at home. You can use any commercial or natural dye you make at home. But before dying, you wash your item entirely and then make your desired dye color. Then place your item gently in the dyed water. Leave it for about 30 minutes, then wash it wholly until the excess dye comes out. Now dry it at room temperature or direct sunlight in this way to easily dye your cashmere items.

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