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Duckworth Men’s Maverick Long Sleeve Crew Review

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The Duckworth Men’s Maverick is a clothing line by the outdoor clothing of a famous brand Duckworth. The Maverick line includes various clothing items, such as long-sleeve crew shirts, hoodies, and jackets, all composed of mixed merino wool yarn and nylon.

The Maverick line is designed to provide warmth, durability, and moisture-wicking properties, making it suitable for outdoor activities in cold weather conditions. The Maverick clothing items also feature raglan sleeves and flatlock seams for comfort and mobility.

The Duckworth Men’s Maverick Long Sleeve Crew is a men’s shirt made by the outdoor clothing brand Duckworth. It features a crew neck and long sleeves and is made from a blend of merino wool and nylon for warmth, durability, and moisture-wicking properties.

The Maverick design includes raglan sleeves and flatlock seams for comfort and mobility and is designed to be worn as a bottom layer or on its own in cool-to-cold weather conditions. The shirt is part of the more extensive Duckworth Men’s Maverick clothing line, including other garments made from the same material blend.

Moreover, based on reviews from customers who have purchased and worn this shirt, it is generally well-regarded for its high-quality construction, comfortable fit, and versatile performance in various weather conditions.

Many reviewers have noted the shirt’s softness and warmth and its ability to wick away moisture and resist odors. The raglan sleeves and flatlock seams also receive praise for enhancing comfort and ease of movement.

In this blog post, after thorough research, I have given the details of the best maverick long sleeves crew; it will provide you with a better understanding of this particular product, making selection much easier for you. Stay on it, and please read it carefully.

Experience with the Brand Duckworth:

Experience with the Brand Duckworth
Experience with the Brand Duckworth

If you need to know about my preferences, I have personally found Duckworth’s brand inspiring and helpful in making sense of comfortable and durable material.

Moreover, as more I have interacted with Duckworth have described it as warm, engaging, fleece, durable, and comfortable fabric all around.

Additionally, Duckworth takes pride in being the only source-verified company that produces Merino wool clothing exclusively in the United States of America. Their distinct Henley shirt is lightweight and soft, keeping you cool and free from odor.

Moreover, it quickly wicks away moisture, making it perfect for any outdoor excursion or casual city outing. Wearing this item guarantees you’ll feel incredibly comfortable and look and feel your best.

We insolently stand by every top-notch rising Montana Merino Wool fabric we put together here in the United States. Moreover, always look for the highest caliber to ensure quality and care in every stitch, weave and knit.

Merino wool is an ideal fabric for all climates, making it an excellent option for travel wear. Using this guide, you can create an effective trip plan with the benefits of merino wool clothing.

Duckworth Maverick Full Sleeve Crew for Men:

Duckworth Maverick Full Sleeve Crew for Men
Duckworth Maverick Full Sleeve Crew for Men

For better makes you warm even on the coolest winter days, the Men’s Maverick Long Sleeve Crew is made entirely of 100 percent Wool. Duckworth’s wool’s exceptional “wire” provides this Merino Wool long-sleeve shirt with much natural elasticity for optimal comfort.

It is also an excellent base layer for your upcoming outdoor winter excursion because it is humidity, extraordinarily soft, itchy-free, and odor-free. This long sleeve shirt for men is created in the United States from Montana wool and comes in various colors.

Moreover, it comprises 100% Helle Rambouillet Merino wool garments made in the United States of America. The wool is grown, spun, knit, and sewn in the USA. The Duckworth Power Jersey fabric is made of 100% merino wool and is odor-resistant, non-itch, soft, breathable, and warm when wet.

It is machine washable and designed for year-round use with great natural stretch and comfort. The fabric weight is 140g/m.

The Duckworth Maverick crew is ideal for cool mornings. It is a lightweight, breathable, relaxed-fit crew neck tee that can regulate the temperature in any condition. Although it is crafted for high performance, it is suitable for any activity, and it is designed to be prepared for any adventure that comes your way.

This Merino wool long-sleeve shirt has a natural antimicrobial profile, requiring less washing and not producing odor. The best part is that it is made in the USA, from wool growth, spinning, and knitting, to sewing.


  • It is perfectly fine, fleecy soft, and intelligent body fit. People who use it for the first time will get it again because of its premium quality.
  • Versatile and can be worn for a variety of activities or occasions.
  • However, its underlayer is excellent. It has warm and absorbent fabric used.
  • Provides warmth and coverage for cooler weather
  • It can be layered with other clothing for added warmth or style.
  • It may be made from high-quality materials that are comfortable and durable.
  • It may be available in a range of sizes to fit different body types.
  • May offer a range of color options to suit individual preferences.
  • Long sleeves can protect from the sun or scratches and scrapes during outdoor activities.


  • Poor fit or sizing issues.
  • Limited color options.
  • Fabric may not be durable or may not hold up well after washing.
  • It may be uncomfortable or itchy for some people.
  • It may not be suitable for very cold or scorching weather.
Section: MenOvergrown, crocheted, stitched, and custom-fitted made in the United States of America, Montana, to be precise
Manufacturer: Duckworth It forms a circular shape around the base of the neck. It is a simple and classic style prevalent in many different types of clothing.
Category: Casual crew long-sleeve shirtIt has sleeves extending from the shoulder to the wrist, covering the entire arm’s length, and it comes in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns.
Colors:  Black, Midnight, Grey, Sand, and charcoalIt is opposed to custom-made or made-to-measure clothing, which makes it easier and more affordable for consumers to purchase clothing.
Stuff: Mix of Merino wool and NylonIt measures how well an ideal model fits the observed size of the article.
Versatile and Long-LastingIf any issues arise in stitching or defective material made during the initial work, the company will take full responsibility for correcting the problem at any time.

Quality of Fabric:

Quality of Fabric
Quality of Fabric

The Duckworth maverick long sleeve crew is made from a blend of 80% Montana-grown merino wool and 20% nylon. Merino wool is known for its natural insulating and moisture-wicking properties, as well as its softness and breathability.

The addition of nylon in the blend provides extra durability, strength, and stretch to the fabric, making it more resistant to wear and tear. The material is of high quality and is designed to provide warmth and comfort while also being lightweight and quick-drying.

The shirt is also odor-resistant, making it suitable for extended use without requiring frequent washing. Overall, the quality of the material is considered excellent, with many customers noting its softness and warmth, as well as its ability to regulate body temperature and provide comfortable wear for outdoor activities.

Additionally, the manufacturing process used by the company can impact the quality of the garment, such as the sewing and finishing techniques used, which can affect the garment’s overall durability and appearance.

When evaluating the quality of the Duckworth Men’s Maverick Long Sleeve Crew, it can be helpful to read reviews from other customers and to research the brand’s reputation for quality. This information helps you better understand the product’s overall quality and whether it will meet your expectations.

Size Measurements:

Men’s Bottom:

Male Size                SMLXLXXL
Waistline            29-3031-3334-3637-3940-42

Men’s Bottom:

SizeS      M          L                 XLXXL
Waistline        29-30 31-3334-3637-3940-43

Accessibility and Price Ranges:

The availability and price of the Duckworth men’s crew neck long-sleeve shirt may vary depending on the retailer and the specific size, like small, medium, large, extra-large, or double extra-large, as well as the color you are interested in.

The shirt was available on Duckworth’s website and other online retailers carrying outdoor clothing and gear. The price range for this shirt is typically between $100 to $120, which is consistent with other high-quality merino wool garments on the market.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that prices may differ depending on the retailer and any current sales or advertising. If you’re interested in purchasing this shirt, check the availability and cost of the retailer you prefer.

How is it Designed, and their Comfortability?

Designed and Comfortability
Designed and Comfortability

Several innovations are used in the Duckworth Men’s Maverick Pullover Crew’s design to improve comfort and functionality. Raglan sleeves of the shirt provide a broader range of movement and versatility, making it simpler to move around when engaging in outdoor activities.

Moreover, the shirt’s stitch seams increase its durability while lowering chafing and irritation. The crew neck style comfortably covers the upper chest and neck.

The Duckworth wool and nylon mix helps regulate body temperature by absorbing the skin’s moisture and offering warmth and breathability. Additionally, the material is comfortable to wear close to the skin because it is silky and scratch-free.

The Men’s Maverick Pullover Crew was made with ease, versatility, and durability, making mind overall, which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor pursuits in cooler temperatures.

The Men’s Maverick Pullover Crew is a comfortable choice for more extended wear due to the inherent characteristics of merino wool. For outdoor enthusiasts looking for a versatile, dependable shirt for their activities, the fabric is comfortable, non-itchy, and odor-resistant.

The attention to design details and the choice of materials make it an excellent option for those who prioritize comfort and quality in their outdoor gear.

Performance in Various Atmospheric Phenomenons:

The Men’s Maverick Crew Neck Shirt from Duckworth is made to function effectively in various weather conditions. While breathable and moisture-wicking in warmer weather to assist in controlling body temperature, the merino wool and nylon mix also offer a warm glow and protection in cooler weather.

Merino wool is an excellent material for long-term wear in various climates and weather conditions due to its inherent qualities, such as its capacity to wick away moisture and prevent odor.

The shirt is made to be adaptable and can be dressed alone or as a bottom layer in milder climates. It is excellent for various outdoor sports, including hiking, running, and skiing, because of the raglan sleeves and flatlock seams that provide better flexibility of movement and ease during physical activity.

Overall, the crew neck long-sleeve shirt is a rising item created to provide ease, protection, and flexibility in various climates, making it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a versatile, dependable shirt for their adventures.

If you’re looking for a bottom layer to pair with this shirt, we’ve tested the top-rated merino wool pants for men. They’ll make a great combination!

Care Instructions:

  • Hand washes with cold water. Avoid using bleach. Lay flat to dry or hang on a clothesline.
  • Carefully read the instructions on the garment label box.
  • Machine wash the garment in cold water with like colors.
  • Use a gentle detergent and avoid using fabric softeners or bleach.
  • Tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry.
  • Do not iron or dry clean.
  • Avoid exposure to high heat or flames.
  • Store the garment in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Washing Techniques:

The shirt is to be taken care of very well; otherwise, there are many chances it will get damaged easily.

Due to its extreme softness, you cannot use any of the techniques for washing. The product will be useless and cannot be worn again. First, you have to make use of cold water.

It is not advisable to use hot water here as it can prove dangerous for your product. You have to ensure that you do not use bleach here at all. Bleaching will fade the color of the shirt, and thus it cannot be worn again. To dry it again, remember that you do not put it in the machine to let it dry.

Furthermore, you will ruin the fabric of the shirt. Again, you must dry your sweater by hanging it outside and letting it dry on its own. The other way is to line-dry it properly. Remember you should not tumble dry this shirt, or it will be damaged from various sides.

Frequently Asked Questions:

From where is Duckworth clothing made of?

Duckworth clothing is made in the United States of America. Specifically, Duckworth is a Montana-based company that sources its merino wool from the Helle family ranch in Montana’s Crazy Mountains. The thread is then processed, spun, and knit into clothing at a mill in the Carolinas.

Why the fabric of Duckworth starts pilling?

Although pilling is a common issue, particularly for wool clothing, it is a natural occurrence where loose fibers move to the surface of the fabric and form “pills” or tiny knots. It is often seen in high-friction areas, like the underarm region.

If the garment is not cared for properly, it can lead to more pilling. For instance, washing the garment with abrasive materials such as jeans or putting it in the dryer can cause additional pilling.

How do I wipe out pills from wool clothing?

To remove the fluff and pills from the fabric, lay the garment flat and use a shaving razor, sandpaper stone, sweater comb, or a tool designed for removing drugs from technical fabrics. Stroke the fabric gently with the device to remove the pills. Make sure to gently pull each side of the material until it is flat and taut. Repeat this process until the pills have been successfully erased.

Does maverick long sleeves crew needs to be cleaned?

Yes. Duckworth is famous for comfort and flexibility; their whole collection is machine washable, and there is no need to dry clean from any cleaner. Relax on your extra time.

Can you wash 100% merino wool?

Yes, you can wash 100% merino wool, but it requires some care and attention to ensure that the thread doesn’t shrink or get damaged. Merino wool is delicate and refined, and it is essential to use the correct washing technique to avoid damaging the fabric. When washing 100% merino wool, you must check the care label and always use cold water and a gentle detergent.


The Men Maverick Crew Sleeve has a wool named Merino. It is made of 100 percent Merino wool that is used in it. It will keep you warm and cozy and will not let you shiver in it while you have it on you. The duck worth uses exceptionally high-quality wool, which will boost the crimp to a significant level.

What happens is that it gives the Merino wool long sleeves a relatively more excellent stretch which provides you with extra comfort. The added advantage of this product is that it causes no itching. It is so soft that you will love to wear it again and again. The base layer is extra warm, which helps you in winter. Various colors allow it to be worn by many people.

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