How to Pack a Suit in a Carry-On?

One of the most common issues that I see individuals have is when they need to bring a suit when packing. Check that it will fit in your carry-on and that it will be wrinkle-free when you need to wear it again before you leave for your trip. 

Because of this, there are a range of space-saving methods for packing your suit into a bag without it being wrinkled if you follow a few basic steps.

Before Everything Else, Make Sure You Have the Right Bag:

When traveling in this situation, you’ll want a medium to large-sized travel bag that will still meet the requirements of airport carry-on size limitations. A total of 30-40L should be plenty. Choose a more durable and robust bag since this will prevent your suit from becoming crushed.

Method 1: Folding

Folding Bag
Folding Bag

Step 1: Lay the suit flat on the floor with the backside facing up.

Step 2: The second step is to fold the suit’s left shoulder over the garment’s central seam.

Step 3: Turn the right shoulder inside out by taking it in your hand. Take the left shoulder and tuck it under the right to do this.

Step 4: Fold the suit in part vertically to complete the folding process.

Step 5: Fold the suit in parts horizontally to finish it off.

Step 6:  Place the folded coat in one of those large plastic bags you receive at the dry cleaners and seal the bag. In this way, the suit jacket fibers will not rub up against the pants they would otherwise.

Step 7: Fold your jeans in half lengthwise at the crease. Place them on a flat surface. Fold the suit jacket and place it in the center of the table.

Step 8: Tuck the bottom of the pants into the suit’s waistband. Then, fold the pants’ waistband in half.

Step 9: Place the folded suit in another big plastic bag to stay fresh and preserved for the next couple of weeks.

Method 2: Dry Cleaning Bag

Dry Cleaning Bag
Dry Cleaning Bag

If you don’t have much else to take in your carry-on, or if you’re prepared to make a small compromise to have a suit coat and pants that are practically wrinkle-free, the dry cleaner bag approach is the quickest option.

Leave your suit jacket and pants in the plastic dry-cleaner bag, which should be put on a hanger, then fold the suit in part horizontally. Instead of leaving your folded jacket unsecured in the overhead compartment, you may use this strategy to keep it safe in your bag.

A dry-cleaning bag does not make optimum use of available space. If you are traveling for an extended time and need to transport more than just your suit, the folding technique is the preferable choice.

Method 3: Weaving Packing

Weaving Packing
Weaving Packing

If you’re bringing numerous pairs of pants, the weaving approach may be the best option. As you pack alternate pairs of pants, fold the trouser legs over each other as though you’re weaving them together to save space. This technique will allow you to pack further into your carry-on and keep everything wrinkle-free.

Method 4: Rolling Up

Step 1: Holding your jacket out by the shoulders will allow you to see the back of the garment, which will be facing you.

Step 2: Fold each side of the jacket backward and inside out, starting at the bottom. Your jacket’s inside will now be facing you inside the front panel.

Step 3: Make a reverse fold on the other side of the jacket and slip it into the side of the jacket that is inside-out. Insert the opposite side of the jacket as deeply as you can into the inside-out section of the jacket to make it as thin as possible while still maintaining its shape.

Step 4: The sleeves of a t-shirt should be folded to the center of the shirt before being rolled up lengthwise. When you begin rolling up the suit, the shirt will provide you with more support and will help to prevent wrinkles. Insert the tube into the inside of the shoulder of your jacket once it has been rolled.

Step 5: Grab hold of the suit around the rolled-up t-shirt and begin rolling the suit over the t-shirt in a clockwise direction. After wrapping around the shirt, the suit should be rolled up into a cylinder. Please put it in your suitcase when you’ve done rolling it up.

Method 5: Shoulder Inside Out

Shoulder Inside Out
Shoulder Inside Out

Step 1: The suit jacket should be spread out on a level surface with the front-facing down.

Step 2: The sleeve must be folded inward toward the outside border to do this.

Step 3: The inside of the right shoulder should now be rotated inside.

Step 4: The left shoulder should be inserted into the pocket made by the right shoulder.

Step 5: Bring the right sleeve up to the middle.

Step 6: Closing the jacket is as simple as folding it in half down the middle and then folding it up to the top.

Step 7: Place the suit into the bag with the folds facing out. You may also place the folded part inside a dry-cleaning bag before putting the bag inside the bag before folding the piece again.

What Is the Best Way to Pack Dress Shoes?

Pack Dress Shoes
Pack Dress Shoes

I believe that carrying dress shoes is a hazardous move, and they are the only items of your suit ensemble that I would consider wearing on the plane with you. Instead of dress shoes, bring your casual ones. 

You’ll know your shoes will be in fine shape when you get to your destination. In addition, washing your shoes is far simpler than cleaning a whole suit of clothes.

Prepare your dress shoes for travel by stuffing them to prevent them from collapsing and creasing during transportation. Using dress socks, a folded-up tie, or your cumberbund to stuff them can be quite beneficial.

What Is the Best Way to Pack a Dress Shirt?

Pack a Dress Shirt
Pack a Dress Shirt

The shirt is, without a doubt, the most difficult item to pack. The video’s conclusion above demonstrates one way that results in a nicely folded shirt that is ready to be displayed in a department shop.

Step 1: Your clothing should be folded, not rolled.

Step 2: Place the shirt on a level surface and fold the arms towards the center, halfway up the sleeves, and halfway up the shirt.

Step 3: Fold each side by 3 inches, and afterward, fold the shirt in part from the bottom once more for a more compact fold.

Step 4: Shirts composed of wrinkle-resistant fabrics such as merino wool or cotton are preferable to non-iron materials with a synthetic coating applied using a “spray-on” method.

What Is the Best Way to Pack a Waistcoat and Cumberbund?

Pack a Waistcoat
Pack a Waistcoat

There is an appropriate time and place for a three-piece suit, as there are situations when a cumberbund is appropriate. Because those gatherings are more professional than business-related, suit-worthy occasions, packing a suit for them is often a source of additional worry. The good news is that none of these items is time-consuming to prepare for travel.

  • Make a vertical fold along the full-back edge of the waistcoat, followed by a horizontal fold.
  • Instead of folding it, roll it up and stuff it into a shoe for protection.

How to Pack Other Accessories?

Pack Other Accessories
Pack Other Accessories

A wrinkling tie or another accessory can completely undo all of your effort to create a perfectly tailored suit. If you want to appear good, you must pay attention to the details.

Extra packing is a basic process. Roll your ties and belts to the side. Depending on your preference, you can roll or fold your socks. All of these should be put in your shoes.

Keep your pocket handkerchief, cuffs, belts, and any other suit accouterments in a separate compartment so that they are simple to find and keep together.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible for a suit to become wrinkled in a suitcase?

Solid, dark textiles will seem less wrinkled than lighter fabrics because they are more densely woven. And don’t bother with a cloth bag or suit carrier; they’re the worst kind of luggage to bring on an airplane. Instead, pack your suit in hard-sided luggage and learn how to fold it to avoid the appearance of big creases and how to care for it afterward.

Is it necessary to store a suit in a bag?

Once your suit has been thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the upcoming battle against hungry vermin, place it upright in a ventilated garment bag to keep it fresh.

Is it permissible to fold a suit jacket in half?

If you have to transport your suit inside a baggage bag, make sure it is folded properly to not lose its form later on in the journey.

Bottom Line:

The most crucial step in ensuring that your suit remains in excellent shape is to pack it properly. We recommend that you pack your suit in a plastic garment bag to prevent it from becoming dirty. The garment bag will keep the suit clean and free of any dirt or dust that may have gotten onto it. 

We hope that our blog post was able to assist you in better understanding how to pack a suit for your next vacation! If you have any questions or want to offer suggestions for packing a suit, please do so in the comments area below this article.

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