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How to Wash Cashmere?

Follow our instructions to clean your luxuriant cashmere wear without making it pilled.

There is no disputing that once you begin to wear cashmere and experience the luxuriousness of the fabric, nothing else can compare. There are no alternatives. That brings about the unfortunate reality that accidents will likely occur eventually. 

Accidents as little as a drop of foundation, a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee that gets spilled on your priceless cashmere are bound to happen at some time. Because of this, you will soon find yourself desperately seeking information on washing cashmere to remove those annoying stains.

You may have believed that washing cashmere is incredibly challenging, but fortunately, this is not the case. Even while you should handle your cashmere knits with an extra amount of tender loving care, this does not mean that you cannot wash cashmere at home; it is a straightforward process.

Is Hand Washing Cashmere Even Possible?

Hand Washing Cashmere
Hand Washing Cashmere

You’re undoubtedly curious about how to wash cashmere at home if you don’t want to take your cashmere to be dry cleaned. You may have already realized that cashmere can be machine washed, but just because it is possible does not imply that you should.

It is advised that you hand wash cashmere, and there are two main reasons why this is the way that is recommended. First, you have much more control over the washing machine than an automatic one. Second, your cashmere will last longer and feel even more exquisite if you take care of it properly.

How Should Cashmere Be Washed by Hand?

Step-by-Step Guide to handwash Cashmere
Step-by-Step Guide to handwash Cashmere

You will want a detergent formulated particularly for cashmere or baby shampoo on the gentler side and a sizable wash basin.

Next, carry on with the following steps:

Step 1: Fill the wash bowl with lukewarm water and add about one spoonful (about 15 ml) of a safe detergent for cashmere.

Step 2: The best way to clean your cashmere sweater is to thoroughly submerge it in water, then use a soft-bristled brush to scrub any areas that have stains or need to be washed, such as the armpits. Wash only one or two items of clothing at a time, depending on their size and the degree to which their colors will blend.

Step 3: Allow the item to soak for about a quarter of an hour. Empty the water into the sink.

Step 4: After the basin has been refilled with cool water, move the water about the cashmere knit. Repeat the process until the cloth is completely free of soap. Once more, empty the water.

Step 5: Cashmere should never be wrung out. You should push the garment on the basin’s walls to remove the water.

Step 6: Place the cashmere knit you are trying to dry on a towel that is already dry. Drying time for cashmere that is thicker will be significantly longer. Wait between 24 and 48 hours until putting your cashmere item away to dry before putting it away. 

Because the first towel will become wet during the drying process, you will probably want to switch to a different one at some point throughout the procedure. It is important to remember that you should never hang a cashmere knit, as doing so will cause the fabric to stretch out and damage the contour of the item.

How Should Cashmere Be Washed in a Machine?

Cashmere Washed in a Machine
Cashmere Washed in a Machine

Take out your cashmere laundry liquids or a gentle baby shampoo, and get a convenient laundry bag. Then carry out the steps below:

Step 1: Place a cashmere piece of clothing inside the mesh bag. If you want to wash many things made of cashmere simultaneously, each product must be placed in its bag. Washing cashmere sweaters should only be done in loads containing no more than two or three sweaters or five smaller items, such as cashmere socks, gloves, or scarves. Cashmere should never be washed with other textiles.

Step 2: Put your cashmere in the washing machine to get it clean. Include a minuscule quantity of solutions designed specifically for cleaning cashmere. Adjust the device to operate at the lowest possible temperature and agitation cycle. Wait until the washing, rinsing, and spinning processes are finished.

Step 3: When it comes time to remove your cashmere goods from the machine, do not immediately place them in the dryer. This will cause them to lose their shape. Never put them in that spot. Cashmere and other natural fibers become distorted when heated. 

Instead, you should spread the cashmere items out to dry on towels. The thickness of the cashmere will decide how long it will take to air dry, but most things will be dry within 24 to 48 hours. You may hasten the drying process by switching out the towels and turning the cashmere over on its side. Never hang damp cashmere.

How Should a Cashmere Sweater Be Dried After Washing?

Sweater Dried After Washing
Sweater Dried After Washing

Whether you choose to hand wash or machine wash your sweaters, our specialist advises that you keep them as far away as possible from the dryer, as this appliance is renowned for causing knits to shrink. 

After removing as much extra water as possible from the sweater, spread it flat on a dry towel or a drying rack and reform it into its original form. Let it air dry. To dry the sweater more quickly, roll it up like a sleeping bag in the towel and then hang it up. 

The next step is to unroll it, remove the damp towel, and either lay the sweater on a drying rack and reform it there or replace the wet towel with a new, dry one. One of the worst things you can do is hang your sweater upside down to dry.

The Best Way to Remove Stains from Cashmere:

It might not be delightful when you discover a cashmere stain. You can be sure that you will hear the little violins. However, this does not always indicate that the discoloration on your garment will be permanent. It is to your advantage to detect the stain as quickly as possible. 

Apply cold water and a gentle fabric remover to the area to treat the stain. The optimal formulation would have no pH value.

After removing the stain, the cashmere should be washed by hand and soaked in soapy water for a bit longer. Never massage the color since this can leave holes in the fabric and let the stain spread. 

If a stain is too difficult to remove on your own or you have doubts about your ability to do so, it is preferable to hire a professional cleaner.

What Is the Recommended Washing Routine for Sweaters?

It is up to you to decide how frequently you wash or dry clean your cherished sweaters, even though doing so after each use isn’t healthy for the yarns that compose the shirt. “It depends upon your rotation, whether or not you use undershirts, and whether or not you put a sweater over [a T-shirt]. 

Things of this nature are taken into consideration, “Whiting remarks. At the beginning of the season, as well as near the end of it, Whiting washes all of her sweaters. “If you have a pile of garments in your wardrobe that you don’t use on heavy rotation, however, once or twice a season is OK.

How to Get Rid of Pills?

Get Rid of Pills
Get Rid of Pills

Friction is the culprit behind pilling, which refers to the formation of little balls that can be found under the arms of your absolute favorite sweaters or where your handbag rests on your shoulder. 

This explains why pilling appears on your favorite cardigan but not on the hideous pokey pullover currently moping in the back of your closet. 

According to Whiting, you should de-fuzz as you go to prevent pills from taking over, but you should make an extra effort before storing your sweaters. The sweater stone is used for yarns with a larger gauge, and the sweater comb is used for ropes with a more delicate weave. 

Whiting recommends both tools. “They are two instruments that remove the pill, as opposed to a shaver, which won’t differentiate between the pill and the textile.”

How to Iron Cashmere?

Instead of ironing, which might potentially crush or flatten the organic pile of the yarns and tug them out of shape, we recommend steaming using a steam iron for the best and most secure finish.

Steaming is the most effective method for finishing things such as cashmere hoodies because it maintains the flawlessly rounded shape of the hood. The wrinkles in your cashmere sweater will vanish like magic if you only hover the steam iron over it without pressing down on it. 

You may spritz it with our Cashmere Spray in between wears to keep it smelling fresh. This specially developed fabric spray has natural ingredients that deter insects and moths. Always wash your cashmere between seasons because moths prefer to feed on odorous clothing.

Care and Cleaning Instructions for Cashmere Garments at Home:

To reiterate what was stated previously, it is in your best interest to clean your discolored or dirty cashmere as soon as possible. The following are some more suggestions that will make washing cashmere much simpler:

  1. Avoid using the same soaps and detergents that you typically use on your regular laundry if you are doing dry cleaning. If you wash cashmere with abrasive bleaches and detergents, it can weaken and become brittle over time. Cashmere is better quality material. You should use a gentle soap formulated especially for cashmere, such as Wool & Cashmere Shampoo from the Laundress or luxurious baby shampoo (cashmere is fur, after all).
  2. When washing your cashmere by hand, ensure that you do not remove the items from the water while they are still wet. The cloth will stretch out and lose its form due to the water’s weight. Squeeze the water out of the cashmere in a gentle manner.
  3. Invest in mesh bags to protect your cashmere accessories and garments from getting tangled up in the washing machine by placing them in the bags.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What results do you get if you wash cashmere in a regular washing machine?

The outcome will be the same as when you wash cashmere by hand if you use the washing machine’s gentlest setting (delicate). Because heat might ruin cashmere, you should wash it in ice water instead of warm water. In the absence of a mesh bag, cashmere has the potential to become engulfed in a washing machine; hence, it is strongly advised that you wash your cashmere by hand.

Is it true that washing cashmere causes it to shrink?

Yes. When heated, cashmere, in any form, is likely to undergo a significant degree of contraction. Even using hot water and exposing the item to the heat from the dryer can cause it to shrink. Using cold water is the only way to wash cashmere without causing any damage to the fabric. This holds actual whether the washing is done by hand or by machine.

Should I soften my cashmere sweater using fabric softener?

It is never a good idea to use fabric softener on cashmere since it might damage the fibers. Cloth softener does not truly make the fabric softer; instead, it coats the cashmere in chemicals, which causes the cashmere to have a more rigid texture.

How frequently does cashmere need to be washed?

Your cashmere sweaters might probably benefit from a mild washing around once every four times you wear them, although this recommendation is subject to some variation depending on how you wear your cashmere. However, if you have a large stack of knits in your closet, you might not need to wash any of them more frequently than once or twice throughout the season.

Bottom Line:

Cashmere is unquestionably one of the most sumptuously opulent fabrics out there. When you wash it, you need to handle it with the utmost care so that it maintains its supple and lightweight feel. You can keep your cashmere looking and feeling fantastic for a significantly extended period if you apply the above strategies for cleaning cashmere.

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