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18 Best Merino Wool T-Shirt

A Merino Wool T-shirt wicks moisture and eliminates odors while keeping you cool.

Merino is the fabric that will be used to make your next favorite T-shirt, and we can pretty much promise that it will be made of Merino. After all, this is why we’re here. To begin, your T-shirt has the potential to be long-lasting, fashionable, rough, and simple to wear; in addition, it will survive considerably longer than was anticipated. 

Merino wool is a natural fiber obtained responsibly from Merino sheep, and it possesses attributes that put a typical cotton T-shirt to waste. You might call it a “wonder fabric” in a sense. Merino sheep provide the source of this natural fiber.

It’s not that you shouldn’t wear a traditional cotton T-shirt, but if we want our money’s worth, these shirts can truly do double duty in various settings. Merino wool is moisture-wicking and antibacterial, so you can wear your favorite new shirt for hours and hours without worrying about getting smelly or uncomfortable. 

Merino wool is thinner and lighter in terms of material. Here are some of our recommendations for the top merino wool T-shirts for men and women, which should last you through various seasons and your next significant excursion in the great outdoors or even simply a relaxing day at home. Give them a shot today, and you may thank us in the future.

Our Top 18 Picks for the Best Merino Wool T-Shirts:

Smartwool Women’s Base Layer Top Smartwool Women’s Base Layer Top
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LAPASA Merino Wool Base Layer LAPASA Merino Wool Base Layer
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MERIWOOL Women’s Base Layer MERIWOOL Women’s Base Layer
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Woolly Clothing Co. Women's Merino Wool Woolly Clothing Co. Women’s Merino Wool
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Smartwool Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt Smartwool Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt
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MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer
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Woolly Clothing Men's Merino Wool Woolly Clothing Men’s Merino Wool
Check Price on Amazon Merino Wool T-Shirt Men’s Merino Wool T-Shirt Men’s
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Icebreaker Men's Anatomica Short Sleeve Icebreaker Men’s Anatomica Short Sleeve
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Smartwool Everyday Exploration Short-Sleeve Smartwool Everyday Exploration Short-Sleeve
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Helly-Hansen Men's Merino Wool Helly-Hansen Men’s Merino Wool
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Merino Protect 100% Merino Wool T-Shirt Merino Protect 100% Merino Wool T-Shirt
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Janus 100% Merino Wool Men's T-Shirt Janus 100% Merino Wool Men’s T-Shirt
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Duckworth Men's Vapor Merino Wool Duckworth Men’s Vapor Merino Wool
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WoolX Endurance – Men’s Merino Wool T-Shirt WoolX Endurance – Men’s Merino Wool T-Shirt
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Minus33 Merino Wool Minus33 Merino Wool
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MERIWOOL Men’s Merino Wool Short Sleeve MERIWOOL Men’s Merino Wool Short Sleeve
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Ortovox Merino Rock'n'Wool Shirt Ortovox Merino Rock’n’Wool Shirt
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1. Smartwool Women’s Base Layer Top:

Smartwool Women’s Base Layer Top

If you are looking for a top with long sleeves that can be worn as a shirt or base layer, this is an excellent choice. It is important to remember that the precise number of microns that make up the fibers is not stated. 

However, Smartwool specifies that this shirt is constructed from “ultrafine merino wool,” which defines ultrafine wool as having a micron size of 17.5 or less. The micron range of 17.6-18.5 is considered “superfine wool,” which is achieved by processing Merino wool.

It is somewhat constricting because this is primarily intended to be worn as a base layer. The shirt is designed to mold to the shape of the wearer’s body, and it fits true to size in most cases. On the other hand, if you don’t want it to be constricting, I suggest buying a size higher.

The fact that the top comes in sizes ranging from extra small to extra large should make accomplishing that goal rather simple. The range of colors is another feature that I appreciate. This shirt is available in thirteen distinct colors, including classic hues such as black and navy blue and some extremely attractive colors such as mint green and hot pink.

The high cost of the best is a drawback to the top. This merino t-shirt is somewhat pricey, especially considering its intended use as a foundation layer. This merino t-shirt comes in various colors and sizes, and some are more affordable than others; yet, even the most affordable option still costs well over $60.

Product Features:

  • Gentle cycle.
  • Slim Fit.
  • Intarsia knitting.
  • The back body seam wraps around to the front for a fit that enhances the physique.
  • Shoulder panels get rid of seams at the top of the shoulder.
  • Chafing is prevented by using a flatlock seam structure, and a heat transfer logo is located on the cuff of the left sleeve.
  • One of the toppers with a greater thickness.
  • Excellent range of hues and tints.
  • 100% Merino sheep wool.
  • Quite pricey.
  • Largest size is XL.

2. LAPASA Merino Wool Base Layer:

LAPASA Merino Wool Base Layer

If you seek a shirt specifically designed to be worn underneath sweaters and hoodies, this is the top option available. It is long-sleeved underwear, enabling you to wear anything you choose over the top while still feeling extremely at ease. 

It is worn underneath hoodies, shirts, and sweaters, and it assists in temperature regulation while also ensuring that the wearer remains dry and odor-free.

This is a crew neck shirt with a very close fit all the way around. Because it is intended to be worn as an undershirt and not a top made of merino wool, it should have a very close fit on your body. This is because of the purpose it serves. 

You can acquire in various sizes, starting from little to extra large. However, because it is so constricting, I would advise going one size larger than what you typically wear, particularly if you consider a six-pack to include a bottle opener.

The shirt is constructed from 100% merino wool that is 18.5 microns in size. Because it is so extremely soft and light, it is well suited to serve as the foundational piece of any ensemble. In addition to this, it boasts ribbed cuffs, which trap your body heat and guarantee that you are always comfortable and toasty.

The top is rather thick, which is one of the aspects about it that I do not particularly enjoy. Given that it is an undershirt, it is reasonable to assume that this top will be quite slender. Merino wool tops can, however, degrade over time, and a truly thin top will not last you nearly as long as a decent t-shirt would do during its lifetime.

Product Features:

  • Standard 100 Oeko Tex Merino Wool is 100 percent natural and sourced from Australia.
  • Merino wool that has been knitted in an interlocking pattern is excellent for preserving thermal comfort. It can keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold, allowing you to be comfortable in any season.
  • The Australian merino wool that we use is completely natural and comes from animals that have not been mulesed.
  • The durable four-way stretch rib-knit hem and the close fit will bend, adapt, and glide with your body to keep your strength, flexibility, and comfort intact.

3. MERIWOOL Women’s Base Layer:

MERIWOOL Women’s Base Layer

This is the finest option for you if you’re looking for a shirt to put underneath a sweater that irritates you while keeping you warm. The 17.5-micron merino wool used to make the crewneck underlayer contributes to the garment’s exceptional coziness and suppleness. 

Because of the snug fit of this long-sleeved merino wool shirt, it is not the best choice if you are looking for something more relaxed.

If you don’t want this shirt to be too constricting, you have the choice of going up a size. However, there aren’t too many other sizes available. The fact that the shirt is only sold in color black and sizes ranging from extra small to extra large is disappointing, to tell you the truth.

But on the other hand, this may be the one thing you’ve been waiting for — a thin black garment that will keep you warm when you’re out adventuring in the winter. The ribbed cuffs are one of my favorite features of this top since they help retain your body heat and prevent the sleeves from becoming uncomfortably chilly.

If it’s not too chilly outdoors, you may wear this shirt by itself, or you can pair it with a jacket or a vest. However, this is the only option. 

Please remember that this is only meant to be a foundation layer; it’s a rather thin shirt that’s designed to assist control your body temp when worn below thicker layers of clothing. When it comes to keeping you warm in subzero weather, it won’t do much on its own to accomplish that goal.

Product Features:

  • Merino wool with a superfine 17.5-micron rib knit provides comfort that may be worn near to the skin all day long.
  • This long-sleeved crewneck sweater is ideal for keeping you warm and dry in the chilly weather while also protecting you from becoming too hot.
  • It is possible to use this piece as a form-fitting thermal base layer below a mid-layer and an outer layer.
  • has a wide crew-neck collar that acts as a thermal barrier between the wearer and the elements when basic layering is used.
  • Stretches without difficulty and quickly returns to its original shape when worn during outdoor activity.
  • Sleeves with raglan seams provide more mobility and freedom of arm movement.
  • Excellent for use as the base layer.
  • Ribbed Cuffed.
  • 100% Merino sheep wool.
  • The color black is the only option available.
  • Size variety is not great.

4. Woolly Clothing Co. Women’s Merino Wool:

Woolly Clothing Co. Women's Merino Wool

The T-shirt made by Woolly Clothing Co. is an ideal choice for girls who are looking for a traditional T-shirt to wear. The fact that this top is comprised of 95% merino wool and five percent elastane is fine with us if you want your shirts fitted and stretchy rather than loose and flowing. However, if you were searching for a t-shirt made entirely of merino wool, I would advise you to go on to the next option.

Because it contains elastane, this t-shirt has excellent elasticity and will contour to your body’s natural curves. Keep in mind that it does not repel moisture and smells as well as a shirt made entirely of merino wool, so plan accordingly.

This merino wool shirt is only available in sizes ranging from small to extra-extra-large, which is a little bit of a letdown in size diversity. 

However, because it is a stretchy shirt, the way it fits will always be different. And the size diversity is not quite as disheartening as the color variety; this top is only available in two hues, but all of them are extremely vibrant and exciting. On the other hand, the size variety is not nearly as depressing.

This is fine if you want a bright shirt made of merino wool that you can wear throughout the springtime season. If, on the other hand, all you wanted was a basic merino T-shirt that you could wear with everything, this would come as a huge letdown.

The merino wool utilized to make this shirt has a micron count of 17.5, which is another point worthy of attention. Even if the merino wool t-shirt is not made entirely of merino wool, it gives off an air of high-end sophistication and comfort because of the ultrafine merino wool used in its construction. 

Especially considering that there are no tags on the inside of the top, so you won’t have to worry about anything scuffing or rubbing against your skin.

Product Features:

  • Seams that are flat locked, tagless inside, and an athletic fit that is minimal bulk.
  • Excellent for practically any use.
  • Comfortable enough to wear around the house, rugged enough to use on the trail, and designed with a straightforward aesthetic that works anywhere.
  • Woolly combines the time-tested health benefits of merino wool with timeless daily designs suitable for any setting.
  • In every part of your life, you may take advantage of the odor-free, fire-resistant, moisture-wicking, and long-wearing comfort that merino provides.
  • Extremely relaxing and cozy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Ultrafine merino.
  • Only two colors are made available to choose from.
  • Not made entirely of Merino wool.

5. Smartwool Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt:

Smartwool Men’s Short Sleeve Shirt

If you are looking for a t-shirt made of merino wool that fits well and is easy to wear, the one sold by Smartwool is a fantastic choice. It comes in seven hues, all highly distinct, making it possible to choose from various alternatives. 

If you want the shirt to fit you comfortably, you should go up a size from the size you normally wear. Although it is a good t-shirt made from merino wool, it is rather expensive considering it is not even produced entirely. 

This is one of the very rare t-shirts created from a combination of merino wool and synthetic materials, as merino wool makes up 87 percent of the shirt and nylon makes up 13 percent, which is not what you would anticipate, given the relatively high cost of the item.

However, there are certain advantages to using nylon, such as that the shirt will last longer because of the improved resilience. Merino is a material that natural processes may break down, and it is not renowned for its great durability. 

The use of nylon fibers in the construction of the t-shirt helps enhance its durability, which means that you will be able to use it for a longer period.

On the other hand, if you’d rather not spend more than seventy dollars on a men’s merino wool t-shirt that isn’t even made entirely of merino, I understand that sentiment. You do, however, have a wide variety of additional alternatives to choose from, all of which are made entirely of wool.

Product Features:

  • Merino wool, as well as nylon
  • Tumble dry.
  • A varied and appealing palette.
  • A combination of nylon and merino wool is particularly long-lasting.
  • Lightweight and with good air circulation.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • Not pure merino.

6. MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer:

MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer

This t-shirt is made from merino wool, and it is available in a total of seven hues: six plain colors and one striped design that I’m not fond of. I believe that supermodels are the only people who can pull off wearing horizontal stripes successfully; therefore, I try to avoid wearing them myself. 

On the other hand, if you find the pattern appealing, you will be pleased to learn that you can have a striped shirt made of merino wool.

This shirt is made of fibers that are 18.5 microns in size, making them extremely smooth and pleasant to wear. It does not irritate the skin, yet it is lightweight. 

Because of this, the shirt is a fantastic underlayer. It is something that you can wear beneath another layer of clothing, such as a hoodie or a sweater, without feeling as if you are wearing an excessive amount of clothes.

Because this t-shirt is made from merino wool and has a slimmer cut, it will fit more snugly on your body. If you want it to be roomier, you can get a size larger, so you’ll have to deal with the long arms and a looser neckline. Another option is to buy a size smaller.

Product Features:

  • The use of 100 percent natural superfine 18.5-micron Merino wool guarantees comfort throughout the day without itching.
  • Shirt with a crew neck and long sleeves that can be washed in a machine and dried in a dryer.
  • Maintaining your body’s temperature during the summer or the winter.
  • The inherent wicking and odor-resistant characteristics of merino wool keep you dry and comfortable even while actively engaged in cold weather activities.
  • Merino wool is the fiber capable of wicking moisture away from the body more effectively than any other fiber, making it the most breathable fabric.
  • Wicking is a property of a fabric that describes its capacity to wick away moisture from the body and provide a pleasant environment for the wearer.
  • Quite lightweight while yet being very soft.
  • Good size variety.
  • Merino wool has been used in its whole to create this item.
  • Little color variety.

7. Woolly Clothing Men’s Merino Wool:

Woolly Clothing Men's Merino Wool

This is a fantastic alternative to consider. The exceptionally silky and supple 17.5-micron merino wool is used in the construction of the shirt offered by Woolly Clothing. You don’t need to wear anything underneath this shirt since it feels so nice and smooth on your skin; you won’t be bothered by any itching sensations at all if you do.

This t-shirt is made from merino wool; however, it is only offered in four different colors, so the selection is not very diverse. Because the shirt is only available in three sizes, ranging from small to extra-extra-large, the size selection is also not the greatest it could be. 

Because this shirt often runs true to size, you should be able to obtain it in the size that you regularly wear. This shirt has a regular fit, so it should not be tight; nevertheless, it is really on the looser side of normal.

This merino wool t-shirt is one of a kind, which is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much. I didn’t find many many v-neck shirts, and I certainly didn’t find any that were any better than this one. 

And although while there is a lot of room for improvement in terms of the color variety, the colors that are already on this shirt are unique and fascinating, and I haven’t seen anything like them anywhere else.

I adore that the inner of the shirt does not have any tags attached to it. If you have sensitive skin, I’m willing to guess that you do the same thing I do, which is to clip the tags off of new clothing as soon as you get them home. In all honesty, the absence of any internal tags on this particular shirt is sufficient justification for me to acquire this item.

Product Features:

  • Constructed entirely from merino wool for natural stretch, odor resistance, moisture-wicking, freedom from itching, and comfort in all four seasons.
  • Check out our Ultralight shirts if you tend to get hot easily or seek apparel that can withstand high intensity and temperatures.
  • Woolly combines the time-tested health benefits of merino wool with timeless daily designs suitable for any setting.
  • In every part of your life, you may take advantage of the odor-free, fire-resistant, moisture-wicking, and long-wearing comfort that merino provides.
  • Inside, there are no tags.
  • Unique hues.
  • True to size.
  • There is not much color diversity.
  • Size variation is not great.

8. Merino Wool T-Shirt Men’s: Merino Wool T-Shirt Men’s

The many different color options available make this blouse with short sleeves one of my favorites. You will quickly discover that most merino wool t-shirts are offered in fairly dull color options.

In addition, this is one of the few t-shirts manufactured from merino wool, and it is one of the few that is created from merino fibers that have 17.5 microns, which means that it is extremely smooth, soft, and comfy. 

The ultrafine merino wool used to make an ultrafine merino t-shirt has fibers that are 17.5 microns in diameter, making it the finest merino wool available anywhere in the world.

This shirt has a regular fit, but it is tailored to be more form-fitting than usual. I would suggest going one size higher if you want it to have a more relaxed fit. If you can get it, that is, given that this t-shirt is made of merino wool and only comes in sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

When you purchase this ultrafine merino shirt, you will save money and receive a free pair of merino compression socks, a great perk. 

A while back, I devoted an entire essay to discussing the benefits of wearing compression socks when traveling. These socks are great for regular fliers because they prevent your feet from swelling up like enormous sausages.

Product Features:

  • The 100 percent Superfine 17.5 Micron Merino Wool Tshirt for Men ensures comfort throughout the day and prevents itching. Developed to be worn throughout the day without the chafing and excessive heat that conventional cotton causes.
  • Merino wool short-sleeve shirts, due to their naturally occurring wicking and odor-resistant qualities, can absorb moisture more effectively than any other fabric, keeping you dry and smelling fresh.
  • If you want your clothes to last longer, wash them by hand and dry them flat.
  • The natural temperature regulation provided by an ultralightweight wool T-shirt will keep you feeling comfortable throughout the year.
  • Included with the purchase is a pair of merino wool compression socks.
  • A varied and appealing palette.
  • crafted with the finest merino wool possible.
  • Size variation is not great.

9. Icebreaker Men’s Anatomica Short Sleeve:

Icebreaker Men's Anatomica Short Sleeve

Icebreaker has again earned a spot on our list by introducing their Anatomica Crew Neck Crew. This Merino tee with a thin cut will keep people cool and comfortable, warm during the winter, and fashionable all year 

is known for its naturally insulating properties. It comes in six different hues, mostly natural earth tones, making it an essential component of any outfit.

This Icebreaker Merino T-Shirt is a fantastic option because of the Anatomica fabric used in its construction. The lightest fabric is comfortable and moves with you thanks to its low GSM count, and the corespun nylon combination makes it more durable and long-lasting overall.

Before purchasing, look at the size charts because some customers have reported that the sizing runs a little on the small side.

Product Features:

  • 83 percent Wool/12 percent Nylon/5 percent Lycra Elastane.
  • Imported.
  • Wash in a machine.
  • Corespun provided an increase in durability.
  • Cut that is form-fitting while still being flexible.
  • Fabric that is both lightweight and breathable.
  • The sizing runs around one size smaller than average.
  • Initial reports of itching from users.

10. Smartwool Everyday Exploration Short-Sleeve:

Smartwool Everyday Exploration Short-Sleeve

Are you looking for a t-shirt with extra flair to add to your collection? Try on the Smartwool Everday Exploration Henley and see how you like it. The closure with a quarter button can be used in various situations. 

Although it is only available in blue, the standard fits are versatile enough to go with practically any outfit. This Merino shirt conveys, “I want to feel comfortable while appearing great.”

This Merino henley tee is comfortable and versatile, but it is also made from good materials for the environment. Clothing made from Merino wool and hemp is both environmentally friendly options. 

The addition of polyester to the mixture contributes to the blend’s overall durability. It is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe and a fantastic alternative for the environment.

Product Features:

  • Merino wool makes about half of the fabric, while polyester accounts for 35 percent, and hemp contributes 15 percent.
  • Henley Style.
  • Versatile style.
  • Excellent multi-fabric durability.
  • Easy to carry along and breathable.
  • There are few color options available.
  • Not everyone should go for the Henley cut.

11. Helly-Hansen Men’s Merino Wool:

The Helly Hansen Merino Base Layer Tee excels in many categories, including being breathable, lightweight, sturdy, and comfy. The core-spun structure makes it possible for the fabric to have a longer wear life, while the 150 GSM makes it possible to drain away moisture more effectively and evaporate it faster. 

As a result, you won’t have to worry about getting wet or being uncomfortable for many years to come. This t-shirt has a trim and fitted shape, so it might not be ideal if you like a more draped silhouette. The fit is a bit thin and fitted.

Our shirt stands out from the other Merino tees on this list since it features an abstract and simple motif. Because they are so proud of the shirts they manufacture, it has a design on the front that depicts rugged mountains and boldly displays the Helly-Hansen emblem. 

If you are prepared to put your name on the front of a t-shirt, then it shows that you are confident in the product as a whole, in our opinion.

Product Features:

  • Core spun Merino Wool.
  • 150g/m2 cloth.
  • Wool that hasn’t been mulesed.
  • Odor resistance.
  • Excellent capacity to breathe.
  • Excellent form and design.
  • Enhanced longevity of the core-spun yarn.
  • Fabric that is breathable and lightweight.
  • The fit is rather close.
  • It is necessary to wash with caution.

12. Merino Protect 100% Merino Wool T-Shirt:

Merino Protect 100% Merino Wool T-Shirt

You want to enjoy the effects of Merino, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a high-end wool t-shirt. What are your options? If this is the case, the Merino Protect t-shirt can be the most suitable choice for you. 

The odor-resistant and breathable fabric are perfect for any event, and the price is so low that it won’t even make a difference in your savings account.

We agree with the hundreds of customers who have rated the Merino Protect t-shirt with five stars. We believe it is an excellent option for individuals who are just beginning their exploration of the Merino world. 

The only two problems that we have come across – if you can even call them – are that the cut is a little on the boxy side, and gray is the only color offered.

Product Features:

  • The material comes from Australia and New Zealand, home to countries that breed Merino sheep.
  • Because of the unique structure of its fibers, Merino wool can combat the unpleasant odor caused by sweat.
  • One of the most well-known qualities of Merino wool is its ability to keep its wearer cool during the scorching summer months and warm during the cold winter months.
  • Because the t-shirt is constructed entirely of natural Merino wool, once it has served its purpose as a garment, it can be composted and used as a source of nutrition for plants. This makes it a very eco-friendly material.
  • Adaptable to day-to-day life, excursions, and the great outdoors.
  • A supple fabric.
  • Affordable cost.
  • It has a slightly “boxy” fit.
  • There is not always a choice of appealing hues.

13. Janus 100% Merino Wool Men’s T-Shirt:

Janus 100% Merino Wool Men's T-Shirt

Summer wool is the brand name of an original collection of outerwear made from Merino wool developed by the Norwegian outdoor firm Janus. 

You may wear this t-shirt during any season since the material is naturally odor-resistant, breathable, and wicking away moisture. As a base layer, this t-shirt will keep you warm throughout the winter, keeping you cool during Scandinavia’s hot and humid summers.

The Janus t-shirt, made of 100 percent Merino wool, is a wonderful departure from the norm. The exterior stitching makes the item more comfortable near the skin, but it isn’t exactly the most stylish option as a solitary garment. 

Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy the benefits of Merino wool while participating in outdoor activities – and if you also want to save a little bit of money – then this Janus t-shirt can be your best option.

Product Features:

  • The garments are versatile enough to be worn year-round, but due to their exceptionally low weight and high level of comfort, they are most suited for usage during the warmer months.
  • They are a treat to wear since they are constructed out of the highest quality pure fresh wool.
  • Because they absorb moisture, clothing made of Janus wool keeps the skin far drier than cotton does. Additionally, Janus wool garments dry considerably more quickly when they become wet.
  • It is well knowledge that wool has properties that help keep one’s body temperature stable.
  • A comfortable athletic cut that fits well.
  • Designed in the Norwegian country.
  • The outside stitching makes the experience more comfortable.
  • Fewer hues than usual.
  • Not the most trendy is stitching on the outside.

14. Duckworth Men’s Vapor Merino Wool:

Duckworth Men's Vapor Merino Wool

The Duckworth Men’s Vapor Tee combines performance and practicality in one package. This high-quality t-shirt, made from an exclusive combination of Merino wool, polyester, and bamboo, is ideal for everyone who enjoys wearing wool. 

The fabric weighs between 130 and 150 GSM and is extremely lightweight. It will keep you cool and dry (thus the term vapor), regardless of your participating activity.

The Vapor Tee is distinctive due to its heathered fabric and cut; nonetheless, some taller than average people have commented that the length is too short. Duckworth solely obtains its wool from Montana, the only characteristic that distinguishes its goods from its competitors, including the Vapor Tee. 

That’s correct; Merino can be found in the United States. They can manufacture high-quality clothing in the United States without sourcing their raw Merino from other countries.

Product Features:

  • Unique combination of Helle Rambouillet Merino wool with a fine micron.
  • You can go from trekking to just hanging out in the high-performance wool mix you have.
  • Stretch is provided entirely by the fabric’s natural fibers, and no lycra has been added.
  • Excellent relation between price and quality.
  • Neither heavy nor constricting in any way.
  • Excellent versatility.
  • Not everyone would like the shorter cut.
  • Problems with the sizes stated by users.

15. WoolX Endurance – Men’s Merino Wool T-Shirt:

WoolX Endurance – Men’s Merino Wool T-Shirt

If you’re searching for an awesome t-shirt that you can sport on the sofa or out on the path, then the Woolx Endurance Men’s Merino Wool T-shirt may suit your needs. 

The GSM of the fabric in the shirt is roughly 180, which gives it sufficient weight for protection while allowing it to be lightweight and breathable. Although some people dispute the athletic cut, we generally prefer a closer fit.

The reputation of WoolX’s products in their respective fields is impeccable. In question, the Merino t-shirt lives up to its namesake Endurance in more ways than one. 

Because the shirt does not smell, you will be able to go a long period without washing it. Additionally, the shirt will have a longer lifespan because it is durable synthetic fibers.

Product Features:

  • Merino wool (85 percent), nylon (12 percent), and spandex (three percent) make up this garment.
  • Imported
  • Durability improved with the use of synthetics.
  • Also wonderful for physical fitness.
  • It could feel constricting around the waist.
  • Fewer color choices than usual.

16. Minus33 Merino Wool:

Minus33 Merino Wool

The Minus33 Algonquin is one of our top wool outdoor shirts because of its pure comfort and 100% Merino wool construction. The 170 GSM fabric is the ideal weight for usage in environments with three distinct seasons, and the 17.5-micron fibers are quite comfortable and do not cause itching. 

The only real drawback that we have discovered is that the sleeves are slightly longer than we desire, but this is a personal opinion.

The distinction between the Algonquin and other items offered by Minus33 may be found in the particulars of each. A tagless label is used, and the seams are flat-locked to avoid itching and discomfort. 

The fit is quite regular and loose, so if you want something more athletic, Minus33 recommends trying out their Woolverino T-shirt or simply going a size down from what you normally wear.

Product Features:

  • Activewear is made of Merino Wool and engineered to provide “First-On-Last-Off” extraordinary comfort levels.
  • Because it is treated with the most advanced technologies for simple maintenance, merino wool may be washed and dried in a machine.
  • The moisture will naturally be wicked away from your body by your Minus33 t-shirt.
  • Gentle and soothing to the touch on the skin.
  • Superb price-to-quality ratio.
  • Excellent piece to wear as a foundation layer.
  • The cuffs maybe a little shorter.
  • Longevity concerns raised by customers.

17. MERIWOOL Men’s Merino Wool Short Sleeve:

MERIWOOL Men’s Merino Wool Short Sleeve

The Meriwool Short Sleeve Tee for Men combines quality and an accessible price point. The 190 GSM provides a suitable degree of warmth, making this t-shirt a great choice for all outdoor activities, particularly when the weather is less than ideal. 

You can also use it on your commute or just around the home because of its adaptability, which allows for everyday comfort. This means you can wear it after you’ve finished hiking the trail.

The ultra-smooth 16.5-micron Merino fibers are one of the aspects of the Meriwool shirt that we like the most. It offers the garment a nice feel but at a more reasonable cost than other items of the same nature would have. 

However, because it is more delicate and supple than other fabric types, you will need to exercise more caution when caring for it to ensure that it will last for a longer period.

Product Features:

  • Merino Wool Base Layer Light Short Sleeve Tee Shirt for Men. 100% Merino Wool.
  • Because it is naturally resistant to odors, it maintains its freshness between washes, allowing you to pack less and accomplish more.
  • Our relaxed t-shirt is ideal for any man who leads an active lifestyle and is designed specifically with city people in mind.
  • The fit allows for freedom of movement.
  • Excellent pricing point.
  • Extremely delicate and plush.
  • A quite heavy fabric considering the warm weather.
  • Problems with the product’s longevity raised by users.

18. Ortovox Merino Rock’n’Wool Shirt:

Ortovox Merino Rock'n'Wool Shirt

Like the rest of the Ortovox Rock’n’Wool base layer line, this shirt is one of our favorites, and we adore it. The construction and cut, both made from one hundred percent Merino wool, offer a high level of utility thanks to the fabric’s ability to move with the wearer’s body as they travel through the wilderness. 

Even though it does not have the highest thread count or the lowest micron count on our list, the 155 GSM, 19 Micron material nevertheless provides adequate comfort when hiking.

The general style and shape of this t-shirt is the defining characteristic that separates it from some of the other options available. When we put it on, it snugly conforms to all appropriate areas. In addition to that, the one-color sleeve’s pattern is fantastic. 

In the end, it’s the subtle details that set the Ortovox Rock’n’Wool shirt apart from other Merino tees and make it one of the greatest options for wearing outside in the elements.

Product Features:

  • 100% Merino wool structure and cut.
  • This t-style shirt’s and form distinguish it from others.
  • Outdoor-friendly.
  • Body-moving cut-and-drape.
  • Multicolor.
  • Not great in the heat.
  • Wash carefully.

Best Merino Wool T-Shirt: Buying Guide

100% Merino, or Merino Blend:

You probably figured correctly that this one comes down to personal choice. There are specific activities in which one hundred percent merino wool excels without a doubt. Things include giving a base layer worn near or a long sleeve. 

Merino shirts are ideal for various activities, like hiking, hunting, or simply spending time outside, so keep this in mind if you’re looking for a merino layer.

Merino wool blends are the best option if you are in the market for a merino shirt for an activity that requires a high level of toughness, such as hiking. 

Merino blends can be a little easier on the pocketbook the first time around, especially if you are completely unfamiliar with merino and want to see the big deal about trying it out and seeing all the hype.

Fit and Style:

You ought to consider how you want this merino t-shirt to suit you. I’ve shown you several t-shirts with a loose fit and those with a more tailored fit, so there should be plenty of alternatives available for everyone.

I also hope there are sufficient alternatives available to accommodate persons of varying body sizes. Not all of the shirts displayed on this page are offered in plus sizes is something that I have always made clear in the cons boxes. Be careful to check them to determine whether or not a t-shirt in your typical size is still available.


When you buy a shirt or clothing made of merino wool, you are not merely purchasing anything; rather, you are investing. Investing in a higher quality layer is inherently odor-wicking and, ideally, will last much longer. 

Merino is a material that many people swear by, even though synthetics are fantastic, and there are high-quality mixes of synthetics that can have the same qualities.

Why are you charging such a high amount to begin with? Merino wool is a more expensive fabric than thicker synthetic yarns since it takes more time and effort to create, is more expensive to import, and is more delicate to work with. Therefore, whenever I am shopping for merino, I consider this aspect.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should Merino wool shirts be washed?

Merino shirts and layering require special care. Because merino is a natural fiber, bleach, perfumes, and laundry softeners can clog it and hinder it from performing its natural things.

Is Merino Wool better than Cotton?

Yes, to exercise and outside time. Merino is a natural, porous fiber. Merino naturally regulates moisture and body temperature, wicks away odor, and cools.

Is Merino Wool itchy?

Merino wool is unlike scratchy, coarse wool blankets and slippers. Merino wool has delicate, silky fibers. The fibers’ micron sizes measure merino clothing. Most merino wool shirts we examined were 17.5-20 microns. Finer fabric means smaller microns. The softest merino fabric is 15 to 17 microns.

Bottom Line:

Here is our selection of the top T-shirts made from merino wool currently available on the market. We have made an effort to provide a wide range of products, each with its distinct price point and aesthetic, to ensure that there is something suitable for every customer. When it comes to T-shirts, merino wool is unequivocally one of our most favored fabrics, and as a result, we hope that you like wearing ours just as much as we do!

James Parker is a 30-year-old creative writer who enjoys cookery, swimming and shopping. He is obsessed with bottled water and wool clothing.

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