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Icebreaker Merino Wool Review 2023

Detailed Review of a high-quality merino clothing manufacturer icebreaker.

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the lookout for the ideal piece of clothes. Something that is both comfy and elegant is preferred. Look no farther than icebreaker merino wool for the answer. This material is guaranteed to keep you warm throughout the winter. 

Furthermore, it is available in a range of colors and styles, allowing you to select the right one for you. A plunge in the coldest water while wearing icebreaker merino wool is what it sounds like. 

Even though it’s difficult to think that anything so thin and light could be warm enough for such a harsh climate, this fabric delivers what it says on the tin: it provides warmth without adding any weight or bulk. Icebreaker merino wool is the best fabric to wear in chilly weather since it keeps you warm and comfortable. 

Natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties allow it to be worn as a base or outer layer depending on the situation. Furthermore, icebreaker merino wool is a luxuriously soft, comfy, and long-lasting material. Continue reading to find out more about Icebreaker Merino wool in depth.

Icebreaker Brief History:

Icebreaker Brief History
Icebreaker Brief History

After being introduced to two sheep farmers who lived on the secluded island of Poheunui in 1994, New Zealander and Jeremy Moons decided to go on the island. 

In collaboration with a local herd of Merino sheep, Brian and Fiona Brakenridge had developed a novel style of thermal regulatory underwear using Merino wool. Moons saw the value in this product because he is an avid outdoorsman. Icebreaker was established as a result of this in 1995.

Since then, their offerings have grown to include much more than just Merino wool underwear. They have established themselves as a major participant in the outdoor wear business.

Icebreaker Merino Wool: First Impressions

I decided on the SS Apollo Crew t-shirt in ivory as my top choice. The shirt is off-white and has a distinct texture due to the usage of wool. It genuinely appears to be quite fashionable, and if I were to go out drinking with my friends, this would be a suitable t-shirt to wear. Fashionable while being unobtrusive.

So, at first, the t-fit shirts seemed perfect for me. In particular, the proportions are great for the “average” Merino Wool runner elongated body frame (I wear a size medium). 

Yes, I’m a bit of a slob. Several clothes do not work for me since I am petite — the shirt is either far too broad, or a small size sinks beyond my waistline. Icebreaker is a true-to-size garment!

T-shirt Impressions:


I’ve worn the t-shirt multiple times for informal occasions and am completely satisfied with how it fits my body type. Many people believe that wool is scratchy; however, merino wool is unbelievably smooth and gentle. My comfort level with the top and boxer-briefs has never been a concern for me.

Both the boxer and the shirt are made of wool that is not often associated with the term “wool.” Similar to rough cotton, it allows you to breathe more easily, wicks moisture reduces odors, and keeps you warmer. In contrast to the dry-fit clothing that most running brands advocate, Icebreaker wool does not retain odors as readily.

As a result, your shirt will not smell like a locker room after just one use. My wife expresses her gratitude to you, Icebreaker, with great enthusiasm.

Boxer Impressions:


The underwear, like the shirt, isn’t itchy at all and isn’t quite as warm as the shirt. If you tend to become overheated easily, don’t worry, since a pair of wool boxers will keep you from overheating. 

This particular pair of underwear is in the pewter/rocket color, and it has quickly become my favorite pair of underwear. I used them on my engagement day as a gift!

If you’re searching for a slit in front to make urinating more convenient, you’ll be disappointed with this pair of pants. 

However, a pouch is anatomically right and allows everything to come together perfectly. If you wear the shorts below a pair of tights, it will look great. Even though it’s early on in the season for tights, I’ll be wearing them during the colder winter months.

The length is ideal, and each leg extends just beyond the ergonomically built pouch that I discussed earlier in my post. My biggest gripe is when boxers are a few inches longer than my shorts when I’m jogging.

Special Merino Wool:

Icebreaker is a company that specializes in next-to-skin gear such as underwear, socks, base layers, and other essentials. Aside from that, they provide high-performance outdoor clothes and sportswear for males, females, and children.

As a result, their gear is excellent for base layers in both cold and hot conditions.

What We Like:

Icebreaker is a pioneer in the outdoor gear business for innovation. Their goods protect all types of weather. Several of their textiles employ core-spun nylon to increase durability, allowing your items to endure for extended periods. 

Even better, Icebreaker has developed an entirely new base layer system based on fabric density to standardize its product line across various ones.

Icebreaker’s extraordinary devotion to the environment, in addition to its high goods, is one of our favorite aspects of their company. They are concerned with sustainability, fairness, transparency, and others. This is something we’ll go into more detail about later on.

What We Didn’t Like:

Even though we can’t think of anything we don’t like about Icebreaker, we’d have to mention that their goods are a little on the pricey side if we were to pick one complaint. However, they frequently have sales and discounts regularly.

Additionally, while we have not had any concerns with durability, some customers have noticed holes or deterioration in quality after a few months. The majority of the time, this lack of sturdiness is directly related to how the cloth has been handled.

Icebreaker Review:

If you’re looking for a high-quality base layer to keep you warm during winter activities, look no further than Icebreaker Merino wool. Merino wool will keep you comfortable no matter how cold it gets with its natural insulation and moisture-wicking properties. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features of Icebreaker’s Merino wool products and help you decide if they are the right choice for you.

1. Icebreaker Sustainability: Review

Icebreaker is one of the most environmentally conscious Merino wool enterprises when it comes to climate change. Their ideology is built entirely on using natural solutions, such as Merino wool, to tackle real-world issues sustainably. 

Land, wildlife, and people are all protected as part of their mission, which they highlight. We’d give them an A++ if we had to provide a letter grade to their environmental initiatives.

2. Icebreaker Ethics: Review

Icebreaker Ethics
Icebreaker Ethics

Icebreakers areas devoted to sustainability as they are to ethics, and they are equally committed to both. First and foremost, they care about the well-being of the Merino sheep, with their product a close second.

Icebreaker adheres fully to the ‘Five Freedoms of the Flock’ described in the ZQ standard, guaranteeing that every Merino wool is free of mulesing and mulesing. They also conduct audits of their wool growers to verify that they adhere to the same standards.

As far as their suppliers’ and production facilities’ ethical practices are concerned, Icebreaker maintains a close eye on the entire process. They are audited by their parent firm, VF Corporation, on a yearly and semi-annual basis at all of their sites. 

There are six categories in which they categorize their audits: transparency and compliance; child labor; labor practices; pay & benefits; health & safety; and the environment.

According to their most recent fact sheet, the audit category with the lowest overall score was “Transparency and Accountability,” which received a 74 percent overall score.

Overall, Icebreaker takes ethical considerations seriously, and we’d have to award them a Perfect score in this category as well.

3. Icebreaker Sourcing: Review

Icebreaker adheres to the ZQ standard, ensuring that the sheep are content and free of mulesing problems. Farmers in New Zealand provide the majority of their Merino wool, with around 140 sourcing farms. 

With a combined value of approximately $50 million, these exclusive contracts guarantee that these farmers adhere to their stringent and ethical farming techniques and procedures. On their website, you can see the actual addresses of their wool farmers, which is quite useful.

4. Icebreaker Products: Review

Icebreaker Products
Icebreaker Products

Choosing your favorite Icebreaker clothing item may be challenging given the company’s extensive Merino wool apparel line, which is among the greatest in the business. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular Icebreaker clothes in this review. You’ll get a better sense of their overall appearance and functionality this way.

5. Icebreaker Warranty: Review

According to the Icebreaker webpage, they will exchange any clothing that has been “damaged by defective fabric, stitching, or manufacture” within one year of the purchase date.

They will evaluate the damage individually to establish whether or not your warranty is valid. In addition, all of Icebreaker’s socks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. If you want your warranty claim to be accepted, you must submit it through their website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How excellent is the Icebreaker merino?

Icebreaker is considered one of the most environmentally conscious Merino wool firms in the world. Their idea is to use natural solutions to tackle real-world challenges, such as Merino wool, that they are founded on.

Is Ice Breaker, a reputable company?

The high cost of Merino means that it is a high-quality top all-around. It is a fantastic destination for resort skiing, fall trekking, and spring climbing. It’s warm enough to be worn in cold weather, but it’s also lightweight enough not to make you overheat in mild to warm weather.

Is Icebreaker free of mulesing?

Growers that sign contracts to provide Icebreaker with wool agree not to utilize mulesing on their sheep, either through the conventional surgical procedure or through the use of clipping. A mulesing-free alternative to Icebreaker

Bottom Line:

It is highly recommended that you check out Icebreaker Merino Wool if you seek a new wool shirt to add to your collection. Their shirts are constructed of high-quality fabrics and are suitable for any activity, whether you’re heading to the gym or going on a stroll in the countryside. 

In addition, their styles are fashionable and adaptable, allowing you to wear them almost anyplace you choose. For those looking for a new wool shirt, the Icebreaker website is a great place to start your search!

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