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Minus33 Merino Wool Review 2023

Known for its merino wool collection, Minuss33 stands out as a popular manufacturer.

Enter Minus33’s broad array of high-performance 100 percent Merino Wool clothing and accessories: it’s a miraculous material that will enhance the comfort and performance of whatever you do while wearing them to the extreme. 

Minus33 refers to it as “Nature’s Technology,” which is not entirely incorrect. Men’s and women’s clothing from Minus33 were supplied to Modern Hiker for testing, and we were allowed to try on the whole collection. Although a shirt with a price tag of $76 is pricey, it is rather inexpensive compared to other merino wool items. 

The Minus33 Isolation first grabbed our attention because of its low price. We hoped it would allow us to achieve the high performance of merino wool for a substantially lower cost. Based in New Hampshire and with a long history in the Merino wool apparel industry, Minus33 creates garments for outdoor lovers of all ages and abilities. Please bring your friends and family to our in-depth Minus33 review!

Minus33 Merino Wool Overview:

Minus33’s origins may be traced almost a century to their days as textile engineers at L.W. Packard. The family-run wool textile factory was established in 1916, and they launched their own Merino wool apparel line in 2002, which continues to this day. 

In the beginning, the clothing was designed for snowmobile fans, but it has now expanded to include all outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

With its headquarters in Ashland, New Hampshire, they put their outdoor items through their paces in the harsh, windy weather of the White Mountains, where they have a base.

Merino Specialties:

If you are an outdoor explorer, Minus33 provides the Merino wool clothes you are searching for. They manufacture everything from base layers to undergarments to socks and other clothing items. Its products are excellent for any occasion you desire to explore the outdoors in comfort.

Minus33 Isolation Midweight:

Minus33 Isolation Midweight
Minus33 Isolation Midweight

The Minus33 Isolation Midweight Wool had the lowest overall rating of the merino wool products in this evaluation. Minus33, in our opinion, picked a fantastic fabric but neglected to consider a few important aspects of high-quality design. We found it to be the least effective merino wool we tested, but it also had the lowest price tag at $76 for similar-fabric goods.


Even though we assume heavier, thicker objects to give more insulation, this candidate demonstrated that insulation is not the only aspect determining how warm a product is. This base layer is rather substantial for a midweight top, weighing eleven ounces. 

However, it only came in the center of the field when it came to warmth. A more tailored fit would be beneficial for this item. This soft, toasty material was partially squandered on us due to a bad fit, which we thought was a real pity.

Comfort and Fit

The loose fit of this shirt didn’t sit well with us at all. When we lifted our arms, the sleeves slipped back on our arms, causing our wrists and forearms to get even more chilled. 

The heavy seams at the sleeves seemed excessive and unpleasant, and the thick seams going under the armpits were also not our favorite. The fabric, which was wool, was also a little itchy, which was disappointing. Finally, if you’re seeking fashion, you should go elsewhere. 

This shirt isn’t really attractive on me. Even though it did not have any major problems, the Minus33 does not feel very comfortable, especially when compared to numerous more comfortable models and better fitting.


The Isolation Midweight Wool was indeed the least ventilated of the merino wool tested, and it received one of the lowest overall ratings in this category. 

Shirts tend to be more breathable when fitted near the skin, and this particular type is oversized. It also makes it harder for moisture to be transported into the surrounding environment because of the thick fabric. When we used this model for indoor exercise, it took just over ten minutes for our skin to be completely dry.

Moisture Wicking

The Isolation Midweight took 18 hours to dry fully from wet to dry on the lower end of a very long underwear scale. This is primarily due to the thick fabric that it is made of. Like the others made of merino wool, this garment needed to be agitated before being properly saturated with dye.


Although it is made of typically delicate merino wool, the thick fabric of this base layer appears to be rather sturdy to us. After our testing time, there were no signs of wear on the product. The seams around the arms, on the other hand, have begun to fuzz and tear. 

We didn’t have any issues with the locking zipper pull tab, which we thought was a little cheesy at first. The entire zipper was sewed off-center, which didn’t inspire faith in the sew-ability man’s ability to complete the task.

Things we Like about Minus33 Merino Wool:

Things we Like about Minus33 Merino Wool
Things we Like about Minus33 Merino Wool

Minus33 is dedicated to the outdoor explorer and is our favorite feature. Their clothing is designed with the comfort and protection of the client in mind. 

In general, they categorize their garments into different fabric weight groups based on the sort of activity you’ll be doing and the temps you’ll be experiencing while wearing it. The following is a list of suggestions taken directly from their website.

In addition to its commitment to comfort and support, Minus33 is one of the only firms always introducing new Merino wool technologies that provide remarkable benefits to its customers. They are also the official partner of several athletic organizations, so you can be confident that their items are genuine and of high quality.


Overall, it looks like Minus33 is completely devoted to long-term viability and sustainability. While Minus33 does not provide too much information about its sustainable business practices, it is a strong supporter of pro-environment non-profit groups.

Minus33 frequently contributes up to ten percent of their income to worthy causes such as The Conservation Fund, which works to mitigate the impacts of climate change on the environment.


Although it is not explicitly mentioned on their website, it is evident that Minus33 is devoted to ethical business practices. The Australian Wool Testing Authority has verified its wool as high quality (AWTA). Through their charity efforts, they have demonstrated a strong dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of others.


The only information about Minus33’s sourcing techniques is that they make their apparel from 100 percent Australian Merino wool (AWTA certified), which is the only information accessible.


Minus33 provides a one-year warranty vs. any manufacturing flaws on its apparel products. They have lately offered an additional year of guarantee (for a total of two years) if you register your goods within 30 days of purchase. This guarantee does not cover damage due to excessive usage, improper laundry care, or carelessness.

Unfortunately, if you want to take advantage of this warranty, you will only replace the item with another of the same type.

Minus33 provides a 30-day 100 % satisfaction guarantee, and a money-back for any unsealed, unwashed, or unworn products returned within that time frame. On the other hand, the exchange policy is limited to swaps for other colors, sizes, and styles.

Return Policies

A Return Authorization number must accompany all returns to Minus33. This number may be obtained by completing the return form on their website, available for download. 

Each return package must contain the item being returned, a copy of the receipt, the item’s original packaging (if feasible), and a completed and printed Return Authorization form. 

Please double-check the returns page of the delivery service you choose to ensure that you are sending your package back to the appropriate address.

Minus33 Merino Wool Products:

1. Explorer Men’s Midweight Crew

Explorer Men Midweight Crew
Explorer Men Midweight Crew

I’ve been using this as an underlayer and as my primary layer as the temperatures in Arizona have risen, which has allowed me to maintain my core temperature regulated when hiking. The additional panels provide more versatility. 

The thumbholes prevent the sleeves from rolling up and prevent the shirt from bunching up while adding more garments on top of it. Overall, I have found this shirt to be comfortable, and it has remained soft and odor-free even after being worn for several days in a row. I would recommend this shirt.

2. Chocorua Men’s Midweight Crew

Chocorua Men Midweight Crew
Chocorua Men Midweight Crew

The Midweight crew is soft, warm, and easy to wear. It also dries rapidly. It should not come as a shock since merino wool is a great material to work with. 

However, the difficulty I experienced with this shirt was that it soon warmed up my core to the point that I had to drop a layer to cool down on multiple occasions during the day. This isn’t a terrible thing to have. 

According to my experience, Minus33 items are slightly thicker than similar products from other manufacturers when compared to similar products from other brands. 

This would not be considered a negative mark on the garment, but rather a good one, in my opinion. As a whole, I discovered that it was comfortable, stretched well throughout activities, and held me warm.

3. Acadian Men’s Lightweight Boxer Brief

Acadian Men Lightweight Boxer Brief
Acadian Men Lightweight Boxer Brief

The fabric is soft, elastic, and quite comfy. The comfiest merino underwear I’ve ever worn has been this pair, hands down. The nicest aspect about them is that they don’t roll or bunch up while you wear them. 

In addition, because of the “Flat Lock” seams, they do not chafe or irritate the skin. They remain soft even after being cleaned and worn on a routine basis due to the jersey knit construction. These are my favorite of the three Minus33 items that I have had the opportunity to test out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What temperature range does merino wool perform well in?

Merino wool is a robust and sustainable natural fiber derived from the merino sheep, which can survive in temperatures ranging from 95°F in the summertime to -4°F in the winter. It is produced in locations where temperatures may range from 95°F in the summertime to -4°F in the winter.

What proportion of merino wool is considered optimal?

Despite my liking for the merino-synthetic combination, I would love it to be at least 50 percent and preferably 60-65 percent merino.

Is Minus33 a reputable brand?

Minus33, in our opinion, picked a fantastic fabric but neglected to consider a few important aspects of high-quality design. It was the lowest-performing merino wool we tested, but it also had the lowest price tag, at $76 for like-fabric goods, compared to the others.

Bottom Line:

Wearing merino wool clothing allows you to stay warm when it’s chilly and cool when it’s hot by working naturally with your body. It is both long-lasting and comfy enough to be worn all year long. Designed in Australia, Minus33 clothing is the pinnacle of Merino wool fashion.

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