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Woolx Review 2023 – Company Profile And Products

Garments made of merino wool may be very comfortable and highly useful when worn as part of your outdoor clothing. With its silky sensation against the skin, merino wool effectively transfers moisture, ventilates, and retains heat. Those are vital characteristics for controlling your body temp, which is a critical ability on any outdoor excursion, especially one that takes place in the cold.

Since Woolx products are made entirely of Australian merino wool, they are extremely soft and warm against the skin. They allow you to machine wash and dry their outfits without having to worry about shrinking or affecting the fit of your clothing. Moreover, their apparel is well-made; it is well-fitting, reinforcing stitches at strategic locations. They also breathe well and aid in moisture control, ideal for outdoor pursuits.

Woolx, based in Upstate New York, is a Merino wool clothing company that makes clothes to let people “integrate their love of the outdoors into their hectic everyday life.” Woolx is one of our favorite Merino wool businesses, and we’ve put up a thorough evaluation of the company today so you can know more about it.

Overview of Woolx:

Overview of Woolx
Overview of Woolx

Woolx manufactures high-quality, comfortable, and resilient outdoor gear for various outdoor pursuits. It bases its products on Merino wool’s wonder fabric, known for its moisture-wicking and thermoregulating properties. Its product line includes high-performance socks to comfortable vests for men and women.

Numerous outdoor-oriented journals, including Runner’s Globe, Outdoor, World & Streams, Trekking, and Backpacker, have written on the company’s achievements. Woolx looks to have a significant presence in the nature-loving community, evidenced by its strong social media following of 39k on Fb and 22k on Instagram.

This Woolx review will examine the brand and its bestsellers, offer information on what consumers think of them, and information on sales and other promotions to assist you in deciding whether or not they are worth your money.

Brief History of Woolx:

The Calleo family has always been intensely committed to outdoor recreation, be it climbing, hiking, trekking, name it. They had a profitable clothing store in central New York for 60 years. Still, according to Woolx’s website, they thought there was a significant vacuum in the outdoor garment sector: “We felt there was still a significant gap in the outer apparel industry.”

‘We wanted attire that was both time and money efficient, and that looked beautiful.’ Instead of making our outdoor lifestyle more complex, we wanted a natural product that performed well and made it easy to enjoy. 

Although there are other Merino clothing manufacturers on the market, I always felt that their products and services were lacking in some manner.”

This led to the establishment of Woolx by the father-daughter pair Nicole and Joe Calleo in 2012. The team is enthusiastic about creating outdoor clothing that is natural, durable, functional, and affordable for the everyday person. 

Indeed, Nicole and Joe swear by their range of apparel, undergarments, coats, socks, and other accessories, and they proudly wear their creations. Nicole and Joe

Woolx Brand:

A fundamental component of Woolx’s fabric mixes is Merino wool sourced from animals in Australia. One of the things that makes it so handy is its unique capacity to simultaneously manage both cold and hot temps.

Compared to other Merino wool brands, Woolx gear can be machine cleaned and dried without shrinking, distinguishing it from the competition. Its convenience is a hectic environment distinguishes the brand.

Woolx, whose headquarters is in Endwell, New York, is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality products and the friendliest service imaginable. In this Woolx review, we’ll give you a summary of the brand’s highlights before getting into the specifics of some of its best-selling products.

Woolx Blizzard Top Review:

Woolx Blizzard Top Review
Woolx Blizzard Top Review

Hikers, mountain climbers, and other outdoor enthusiasts rely on merino wool apparel for its excellent performance, making it popular. Insulating layers composed of Merino wool are especially popular because they provide excellent temperature management, permeability, UV protection, and anti-microbial characteristics. 

They are also quite durable. Merino wool may also be used for mid-layers; however, Merino mid-layers are not as popular as synthetic mid-layers because of the higher cost of the wool.

Woolx Material:

Made from 100 percent Australian Merino wool with a thickness of 400g/m2, the Woolx Blizzard Merino Wool Top is a stylish addition to any wardrobe. This is the finest quality of Merino wool that is currently available. 

Thus, the cloth is extremely soft and does not scratch the skin when touched. The fabric’s key advantages are its excellent antibacterial and moisture-wicking capabilities, as well as its ability to regulate temperature, breathe, and provide UV protection.

I was pleasantly amazed by how well the odor was controlled. It has been two treks since I first used this shirt, and there is still no evidence of odor from it after that. 

The shirt is intended for cold and mild weather and may be worn as a mid-layer or as an outer layer depending on the situation. When used as an outer layer, I estimate that the highest temperature for pleasant use is roughly 15 degrees Celsius. However, the intensity of the wind plays a role in this as well.

While hiking in Iceland’s harsh conditions, I found that the fabric did not give as much wind protection as certain synthetic textiles, such as Polartec. The material’s overall performance and how nice it feels to the touch were the aspects that I found most appealing.

Woolx Comfort:

Wearing this shirt is a total pleasure since it is so comfy. The fit is a little slack in the torso area, but it gets tighter in the arms – at least for my body type. In comparison to most synthetic textiles, this material is not as elastic. 

However, the comfort and usefulness of the top are not diminished due to this. The top is fitted with a 14-inch zipper, which is very useful when the weather changes. It enables you to regulate the airflow, so you won’t have to remove the top every time it becomes too warm. 

As soon as the collar is zipped up, it reaches the chin and offers additional warmth. The seams are flatlock sewn to avoid rubbing or chaffing on the skin. The internal label is printed and, as a result, does not rub the vehicle’s surface.

Woolx Functionality:

The weight of this shirt, which is incredibly comfy, is its one drawback because the fabric’s density of 400g/m2 is significantly heavier than most synthetic-fabric shirts. 

It was also disappointing that the sleeves did not include thumb openings, which are useful when wearing gloves since they prevent the sleeves from riding up your arms. On the other hand, this top meets the demands of the majority of hikers. 

It is quite comfy, and the fabric has excellent performance. Furthermore, it has a sophisticated appearance that makes it appropriate for wearing to a business conference. I tried it, and no one could tell that I was dressed in athletic gear at all.

Woolx Washing and Drying:

Woolx Washing and Drying
Woolx Washing and Drying

Even though merino wool clothing requires longer to dry than artificial clothing, this is not a significant issue because it offers warmth even while damp. The top is machine washable; however, it must be cleaned in cold water to maintain its shape.

Woolx Shirt Review:

The Heavyweight range from the company was created to keep you warm and comfortable in the coldest climates. Each piece is constructed mostly of Merino wool and weighs around 400 g. It is available in two sizes.

Despite the added weight, the apparel feels light and flexible, allowing you to move freely during your activity without restriction. Following that, this Woolx review will highlight some of the most popular items from the women’s Heavyweight range.

Woolx Riley 400 Heavyweight Crew Review:

Riley 400 Heavyweight Crew
Riley 400 Heavyweight Crew

In terms of outerwear, we’ve gone a long way since the 1970s. It is no longer necessary to be large and voluminous. The Women’s Riley Long Sleeve Crew 400 Heavyweight makes you feel warm on the harshest of days while being lightweight and comfy on the warmest of evenings.

This long-sleeve shirt’s fabric blend contains 85 percent Merino wool, which helps to keep you warm and dry through the coldest of winter days. Once wet, this magical wool combination will continue to keep you warm while wicking away any excess moisture or sweat in no time.

It’s made to stay in place whether you’re trekking in the middle of winter or skiing in the mountains during the summer. There are cuffs with thumbholes and a longer back, ensuring that you will be covered. For $125, you can add one of these Woolx female tops to your collection, which comes in a versatile black color.

Women’s Savannah Vest 340 Heavyweight:

Women's Savannah Vest 340 Heavyweight
Women’s Savannah Vest 340 Heavyweight

It’s important to layer up to remain warm and comfortable. Vests are a wonderful alternative to jackets since they trap heat in the proper areas and can be worn in various conditions. 

In addition to having a slim fit, the Savannah Vest 340 Heavyweight offers a stand-up collar to keep your neck warm. In addition, two zipped pockets serve as ideal hand warmers during cool fall treks in the woods.

Combine this Woolx vest with a long sleeve crewneck, and you’ve got yourself an outfit in seconds. Its simplistic style is available in either black or beige, versatile colors that go with anything. 

Because Merino sheep provide 80 percent of the fabric, you’ll keep warm, dry, and odor-free while wearing it. For $145, you can get some exercise with this outdoor essential.

Woolx Legging Review:

Leggings are, without a doubt, the most adaptable type of trouser. Because of their extremely adaptable and comfy character, they are suited for a wide variety of activities.

Leggings have become more adaptable due to Woolx’s Merino wool blend since they are now suitable for colder weather conditions. Leggings for women from Woolx’s best-selling collection will be featured in this review, ranging from more common everyday designs to foundation layers.

Woolx Stela Everyday Leggings:

Stela Everyday Leggings
Stela Everyday Leggings

Leggings swept the world a few years ago when ladies learned how comfy and versatile they could be, and the rest is history. Over the years, we’ve all had our fair share of awful leggings that ended up in the donation bin before we realized what we had done. The Women’s Stela Daily Leggings take a distinct approach to everyday wear.

These Woolx tights are made of an 85 percent Merino wool, 12 percent nylon, and 3 percent spandex combination that provides a flexible fit that remains in place and maintains its form throughout the day. They’ll also help to keep you warm and dry.

Because these trousers are squat-proof, you won’t have to worry over your hot pink underwear showing through when you’re out doing errands or going for a walk! 

Customers may pick between Regular and Long lengths, and they’re available with a single color: solid black. Match it with a Woolx wool sweatshirt for a warm and comfortable look. Then you’ll be set to go! For $120, you can get a pair of Stela Daily Leggings.

Woolx Avery Base Layer Leggings:

Avery Base layer Leggings
Avery Base layer Leggings

Some conditions need the wearing of many layers. Because of its base layer design, the Women’s Avery Baselayer Leggings are ideal for layering underneath other garments. Furthermore, because they are still opaque, you may remove your top layer and wear these leggings without having to worry about your underwear showing through.

These Woolx wool long underwear-like pants are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and absorbent, allowing you to keep cool and comfortable while participating in outdoor activities in the great outdoors. Because they are considered midweight by the company, you will not overheat while wearing them.

Woolx wool base layers are available in various colors, including black, grey, plum, and purple. Layer up with these $100 Merino wool leggings made entirely of fiber.

Woolx McKenna Pocket Leggings:

McKenna Pocket Leggings
McKenna Pocket Leggings

We’re not sure about you, but we’re constantly on the lookout for comfy clothing pieces that also happen to have pockets. A great advantage is being able to skip the purse and store your phone, keys, and other essentials right on your body rather than in a bag.

The McKenna Pocket Leggings for Women are composed of a luxury combination of Merino wool, polyester, and Lycra, which gives them a silky-smooth feel. They have a high waist that is attractive and functional and two pockets on the legs.

Is Woolx a Good Investment?

According to what we’ve read thus far, this Woolx review is quite favorable toward the company. Hundreds of consumers are raving about the high quality of the firm’s apparel. 

Furthermore, numerous customers have stated that its goods are long-lasting, well-fitting, and effectively keep them warm and dry. Woolx’s products operate as described on the label for the most part.

Although the brand is more expensive than some, we believe you get what you pay for. Woolx’s costs are comparable to those of other high-end outerwear brands. In addition, customers have expressed satisfaction with the company’s clothing’s long-lasting quality.

Choosing Woolx means choosing high-quality, durable clothing that will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable in various activities and temperatures throughout the year. Overall, the gear is well worth the investment.

What We Like:

Unique Merino wool apparel lines have been created by Woolx, which we believe distinguishes them from the offerings of their competitors. They place considerably more focus on the adaptability of their apparel, which we find to be appealing. However, it is designed for outdoor use and regular wear.

Take, for example, this pair of Woolx Piper Pocket Heavy leggings from the brand Woolx. As a foundation layer under puffy jackets or other gear, several outdoor firms produce goods comparable in design to those mentioned above. 

Woolx, on the other hand, designs its goods to be multi-functional. By looking at the fit and pattern of these leggings, you can tell that they may be worn as standalone bottoms or as a pair of base layer bottoms. To obtain the best value for your money while purchasing their goods, you should shop around.

1. A Large Selection of Options, as Well as New Collections:

If you look at many lesser Merino wool businesses, you may find that they offer a restricted selection of items. There will typically be a T-shirt, base layer (both top and bottom), mid-layer, underwear, and socks included in the set-up. There isn’t usually a lot of variety available.

Woolx, on the other hand, stands out to us because they offer a wide variety of designs in their Merino wool clothes. Their product line includes caps, henleys, tank tops, coats, vests, and many other items in addition to the things already stated. Their Men’s Andes Vest is among our favorite items of Merino wool clothing for regular use!

We can also see that Woolx is always refining and introducing new items based on user input, which is quite encouraging. More hoodies and outer layers were introduced in 2020, filling a previously existing gap.

Woolx is dedicated to creating a range that meets your requirements, and we look forward to seeing what innovative goods they introduce in the future.

2. Great Customer Service:

Great Customer Service
Great Customer Service

Because of the nature of Merino wool, the quality of the finished product might vary. It’s not like the synthetic fabric, in which each thread is precisely the same size as the last one. So even when you order two similar pieces of clothing, there may be tiny changes between them.

Woolx is well aware of this notion and gives outstanding service to its long-term consumers who have supported the company. Not only do they offer an excellent warranty and return policy (which will be discussed later), but they also respond to emails in a fast and courteous manner.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact them at [email protected], and they’ll be happy to assist you with any issues you may be experiencing. 

They are concerned about your pleasure with their products and services. Their commitment to their customers and their ability to build long-term connections are two of the most important components in their pursuit of Merino wool innovation.

3. They Care For Customers and Employees:

The small company attitude of Woolx is something we like above everything else. They prioritize the demands of their clients, designing goods that are tailored to their requirements. 

Woolx recognizes that the individuals who work with them distinguish them from the competition. They are concerned about their employees and take time to recognize every one of them on their website.

What We didn’t like:

Our purpose with these Merino firms and reviews is not to attack any individual company. Instead, we want to highlight the positive aspects of each organization. 

We believe that any brand has positive and bad features, depending on our perspective. As a result, it is simply our responsibility to offer you our analysis to make informed purchasing decisions.

Consequently, when it comes to Woolx Merino wool apparel, we believe that two areas of their products should be improved. First and foremost, we believe that the general fit of their clothing might be improved. 

Second, we would like to see more high-fashion selections in their collections, rather than just basics. Let’s take a closer look at each of them separately.

1. Higher Fashion Choices:

In addition to being outdoor clothing, Woolx gear also serves as a transitional piece between the two. Several firms specialize in creating Merino wool gear specifically designed for the outdoors. Nonetheless, there are much fewer manufacturers that specialize in high-end wool clothes.

Woolx is, in our opinion, on the verge of two worlds, but we would love to see them expand their already large assortment of stylish clothes. It’s more of a matter of personal taste. Furthermore, we believe they possess the necessary tools and knowledge to get into the fashion sector. We’d like to see more streetwear-inspired attire as well as more formal wear.

On the other hand, the fashion industry may not be a part of their brand’s philosophy. Woolx, on the other hand, we believe, would do an excellent job of filling this hole in the Merino wool fashion sector.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is WoolX a reputable brand?

The Woolx Top and the Woolx Midweight Bottoms are excellent for warm weather. Their overall appearance, feel, build, and usefulness are all top-notch. Their costs are also reasonable compared to the high quality of the goods. The fashion industry is a broad term that includes various types of businesses.

What country does Woolx come from?

Woolx apparel is currently produced in a single plant in China, significant cost savings.

Is WoolX a firm that practices ethical business?

Woolx apparel originates from Merino sheep in Australia that the Woolmark Organization has verified.


A high-quality wool clothing manufacturer, Woolx is known for offering a wide range of high-quality clothing items such as coats, jackets, and much more. Woolx can develop warm and comfortable apparel durable enough to withstand the cold weather by utilizing its high-quality wool textiles. We hope you found our Woolx review to be informative and entertaining!

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