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Ibex Wool Review 2023

Here is a brief introduction to the merino wool collection of the Ibex Company

If you’re in the market for a high-quality wool coat, you might want to look into the ibex collection. They are a clothing firm specializing in producing wool jackets and other clothes for women. I just got the opportunity to evaluate one of their jackets, and I was really satisfied with the overall quality and craftsmanship. 

I highly recommend them. Ibex Company specializes in wool items, such as sweaters and joggers, among other things. You’ll find a fantastic selection of designs for any occasion, whether you’re trying to keep warm in the winter or cool down on hot summer days!

Ibex offers high-quality clothes at competitive costs, allowing everyone to benefit from our outstanding craftsmanship without breaking the bank. Ibex is a great place to browse if you’re searching for a decent, warm coat for the winter.

A Brief History of Ibex:

Brief History of Ibex
Brief History of Ibex

In 1997, the creators of Ibex, John Fernsell and Peter Helmetag identified a huge gap in the apparel business that they decided to fill. Every piece of outdoor apparel they were sporting appeared identical to the other. And, even worse, they were under the impression that it did not work.

Because of this, they founded the Ibex Outdoor Clothing business in Vermont, which uses Merino wool as its primary material. And, frankly, we doubt that Merino wool – as a quality material – is as famous as it is now if it had not been for their early success.

During their early years on the market, Ibex swiftly established itself as a viable option. The appeal of their garments was widespread across the outdoor gear business. 

And, from 2001 to 2016, their income climbed by about $19 million per year, an increase of approximately fourfold. This seems like a success tale. We’re not quite finished yet, though.

The firm stated that it would be closing its doors in early 2018. The announcement came in late 2017. The move occurred after they had already let off one-third of their workforce and had difficulty competing with larger labels in the marketplace.

Despite this, Ibex could bounce back after a two-year absence, much like any hero’s journey. After being acquired by the Flour Fund, Ibex re-launched its internet presence in October of this year. 

The self-titled Ibex 2.0 is now situated in Boulder, Colorado, under the direction of Bonnie Shupe, who has taken over as CEO. They still have decades of professional expertise under their belts. They are on their way to reclaiming their Merino wool reign, thanks to a combination of classic favorites and innovative clothing designs.

Ibex Company Overview:

The new and better Ibex brand, situated in Boulder, Colorado, is an outdoor wear company that offers one of the most extensive selections of Merino wool garments available on the market. While their apparel may appear identical to their rivals, each garment has been meticulously developed to provide maximum comfort and performance.

Ibex Base Layers Review:

Ibex Base Layer
Ibex Base Layer

In the event of a cold and rainy day, I will dress in a wool base layer below a pair of thin tights to be warm even when my clothing becomes soaked.

Camping (even fastpacking) requires me to sleep in a wool base layer since I’ve discovered that wool is the fabric that best reacts to the constantly changing circumstances of sleeping outside, including a hard wind one minute and high humidity the next.

As part of my professional employment, I educate and guide people in the woods, and on these expeditions, I prefer to wear wool beside my skin rather than synthetics. I never know what will happen on these excursions, whether traveling hard or traveling gently. 

I never know what to expect. Whatever the activity level (high or low output), wool effectively regulates both temperature and relative humidity levels.

If the weather becomes unexpectedly warm, I may find myself wearing only a base layer as my sole layer of protection. Wool also works well in this category, as it blocks the wind and keeps me cool when the weather is particularly hot and humid.

Ibex Woolies Review:

Ibex Woolies
Ibex Woolies

Some 100 percent wool base layers are prone to stretching out quickly and remaining stretched out. In other words, the parts do not return to their previous shape until they have been cleaned. They retain their form better than any other wool base layer that I’ve tried so far.

Even when the Woolies are wet, they effectively regulate my body temperature. I ran with the Woolies Bottoms beneath tights amid snowstorms and rain, and I didn’t return home with frozen thighs, which I often experience in similar situations.

The stench was unbearable. I’m not going to claim that wool or the Woolies items aren’t appropriate for the occasion. If you don’t wash your wool after wearing it next to the skin for a day or ten or fifty, it will absorb and retain your body odor. 

And regardless of what the fabric producers claim, the same is true for many other types of materials. While certain materials and articles of clothes emit a noxious odor, others smell as terrible as you do, depending on the fabric or piece of clothing in question. 

The Woolies pieces fall into the latter category, in that when I wear them day after day without washing them, they smell as horrible as I do when I do the same thing with them.

I have a pair of wool base layers that I like another company that created. Still, they have little holes around the wrists and ankles due to my fingers accidentally punching through them when taking them off and putting them on accidentally. 

Ibex utilizes ankle and wrist cuffs that are relatively bombproof, achieving this through a combination of tightness of the weave and cuff breadth to promote durability and longevity.

Clothing and Specialty Items Made of Merino Wool:

Almost all of Ibex’s apparel is made of Merino wool, known for its many advantages. Their clothing is made from recycled materials and other environmentally friendly textiles such as TENCEL, cotton fabrics, and other recyclable content. And, as you’ll discover later, it is Ibex’s devotion to the environment that distinguishes them from the competition.

According to our style definition, Ibex Merino wool is ‘upscale, flexible outdoor gear.’ In other words, they manufacture clothes that can be worn whether strolling on the path or commuting in the city. Ibex’s website effectively captures the essence of their brand style:

What We Like:

In all of our Merino wool brand evaluations, we make every effort to provide you with our honest opinions on the advantages of each particular brand. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility that your adventure with Ibex will be similar to ours. You will, however, have a better overall impression of the brand, and who knows, you could even pick up a new skill or two!

1. Top-Quality Performancewear:

We are honest in saying that not every Merino wool clothing manufacturer can compete with the quality of Ibex Merino wool apparel in terms of durability and comfort. They are considered one of the finest outdoor wear businesses in the world. But, as Ibex understands, “performancewear” isn’t only for the mountains. It’s also for the streets.

They attempt to create a dress style cross between outdoor adventurers and urban explorers. As a result of this unique combination of fashion, performance, and all-around comfort, their gear is excellent for both on-the-go workers and nature enthusiasts.

2. The Originality of the Customer:

The folks over at Ibex are huge fans of Merino wool, just as we are. These designers recognize the importance of this beautiful material and include it in all of their creations. Furthermore, they supply a wealth of scientific knowledge about Merino wool, which is invaluable. Again, this is similar to us.

In the end, Ibex is concerned about your ability to make educated purchasing decisions. These companies aim to ensure that their apparel is the most appropriate for you and your requirements. 

As a result, they give a variety of Merino-related tips and tricks on their website. Briefly said, the Ibex brand is concerned about the pleasure of its clients.

3. Transparency:

In our opinion, today’s climate-conscious society makes it necessary for outdoor firms to be upfront with their customers. The more we understand the manufacturing process for our apparel, the more environmentally conscientious we may be in our purchasing decisions. 

We begin to purchase less frequently and with greater care for quality. Ibex is well aware of this, and their industry-leading quality serves as a demonstration of their unwavering commitment to openness. 

They have faith in their suppliers and adhere to such stringent standards that they are glad to publicize this information to their customers and clients. That is the epitome of straightforwardness and honesty.

What We Didn’t Like:

We’ve developed a list of the three most important areas we believe Ibex should improve.

1. Price Tag:

This is the figure that scares away a lot of folks. If you go through any of Ibex’s collections, you might notice that their pricing is a little on the expensive side. Ibex is a 7.5 on the relative price spectrum in the Merino world, which is characterized by high pricing across the board.

We generally do this by comparing the pricing of different brands of a common t-shirt in different sizes. Furthermore, when comparing Ibex to the other two members of the ‘Merino Big Three’ – Icebreaker and Smartwool – they are slightly more expensive. 

On the other hand, we support Ibex’s pricing policy since we believe their products are worth the price. Even yet, it wouldn’t hurt for them to offer a few additional goods on sale now and again.

2. Limited Supply:

Limited Supply
Limited Supply

Running a clothes store is difficult. We tried our best, but that’s a different story. Generally, the most sought-after Ibex goods tend to sell out quickly. As a result, they have a restricted supply of some of our less-desirable choices.

You don’t have to worry about this being a quality or performance issue, but it’s important to know so that you don’t become disheartened. Ibex releases and updates items are regularly as they keep re-launching.

Managing a garment company, especially after a two-year hiatus, new management, the passage of two years, and a global pandemic, is difficult. To put it another way, give Ibex a little time.

3. Better’ Commercial Casual’ Outfits:

Even though Ibex states that its apparel is ideal for a more professional environment, many designs have an outside vibe. It would be great to bring back some of their older goods and some more business-casual items like Woolly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is merino wool more durable than other types of wool?

Durable. Merino wool is six times as strong as cotton in tensile strength. Each fiber can be bent back upon itself more than 20.000 times. Cotton, on the other hand, breaks after 3.200 times of use.

What type of wool is of the finest quality?

Merino wool is the highest-quality wool available, and it comes from a breed of sheep known as the Merino. These sheep generate smoother wool than some other types, which means that a large number of Australian wool is well-suited to produce the world’s highest-quality clothes and high-end fashion outfits and use them to construct luxury yachts.


So, what are your thoughts? Is it worthwhile to spend money on ibex wool products? We believe that they are! The quality and craftsmanship of these goods are exceptional, and we are confident that you will appreciate them. In addition, with careful care, your new wool clothing should last for years and years to come.

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